28 Mar 2010

Joseph Healy fights for the rights of Juan Carlos

On Friday I joined campaigners from the UNISON branch at London University and other political activists, including my Green Left comrade and parliamentary candidate for Greenwich, Andy Hewett, and went to protest about the sacking of Juan Carlos Piedra, at UCL. Juan Carlos is a migrant Latin American cleaner and union activist who was sacked by UCL for trying to organise a union there. Supported by students from the university, we demanded to see Professor Grant, who was too cowardly to come down from his office and address the demonstration. We were stopped from entering the university doors by security staff and then found our way in another door, much to the consternationa of the security staff who were running around the campus after us. Then we discovered that an international conference on migration of all things was taking place in the college. We attempted to enter the conference and tell the delegates what was happening in UCL with migrant workers. We gave leaflets to some of the delegates we met but were unable to enter the conference itself. However, we addressed the conference by megaphone from outside.

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David Broder said...

This was really great.

Alberto Durango is making a video of the action, will post a link when it's done.

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