20 Mar 2010

Ten thesis on the new extractivism

The Latin American left, for all their, virtues are still linked to an extractive economy, based on getting oil, gas, minerals and metals out of the ground as quickly as possible.

While less aggressive than the Latin American right in Peru and Colombia, the basic contradiction remains.

At least in Latin America there are networks of indigenous people and ecosocialist activists oppose to this, in the rest of the world, left and right, pretty much proclaim burn baby burn.

We do need to move to a non extractive economy because this extractive model does not work ecologically.

Opening up struggles for a sane economy is hardly on the agenda but is vital.

Ten thesis on the new extractivism is a useful account of the economics of extractivism amongst the left in Latin America.

Getting to an ecological economy needs to be on the agenda, we are cutting off our own means of life.

All I can say is viva Aidesep.

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new hegemony said...

The event in Bolivia in April has received very little attention in the mainstream media. I comment on it here:


If any ecosocialists are going we should try to generate reports for sympathetic media (e.g. The Guardian?) as well as an evaluation for discussion among activists.

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