27 Mar 2010

John Gormley speech

John Gormley speech to Irish Green Party convention, see what you think

theorists and talkers.....wonder who he means.

Just thinking about when I went canvassing in North Belfast and Bangor....now Bangor has a Green Party Assembly Member.

I must admit I would like to see a bit more green politics from the Irish Green Party!

Green is a double fight, you have to fight to be elected and fight to keep green. I think we are doing well on both here in the UK, no quite convinced this is the case in Ireland.


Anonymous said...

"Theorists and talkers" - if you are trying to infer that he means you or anyone within the green movement, you are seriously deluded. But to give you the benefit of the doubt, perhaps you don't. Perhaps like anyone who heard the speech you too are alluding to Fine Gael and Labour, who were the obvious targets of this.

Secondly, it is staggering to suggest that your involvement got someone elected in Bangor. Again I shall give you the benefit of doubt and hope you were pointing out that we should all be helping and encouraging the green movement in all jurisdictions.
As an aside to this, many of the green party members from Northern Ireland were in attendance in Waterford.

Finally, John & Eamon are putting in policies that Green Parties across Europe are advocating. We heard at the weekend about various bills that will make a real difference to Ireland both immediately and in the long-term. In light of their representation of six members of the house out of 166, their contributions and effort should be applauded not derided.

just a few thoughts...

Derek Wall said...

I canvassed in North Belfast as well, I don't think my efforts were crucial.

I think Greens should condemn the failures of the Irish Green Party including Tara.

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