14 Mar 2010

Stop the killing in Peru

Killings enable resources to be taken, indigenous people get in the way, they are economic collateral and of course the British government is inspired by 'enterprise' not ethics.

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My main objective for me going to peru was to try to speak out against the recent killings of peaceful indigenous protesters ordered by Peru's Garcia Regime ... and to call on the media to start investigating and reporting the Truth instead selling out by printing and reporting a onesided stoty of government propaganda Lies. Given that the current regime of Alan Garcia has been manipulating the press , criminalizing indigenous peoples in the public eye and covering up the massacre in Bagua , I hoped that I could bring media attention and a Voice to my Amazonian brothers and sisters and their quest for Justice and Truth...

On June 10th at 2am I decided to grab a plane and fly to Peru … I just could not sit here in Hollywood anymore and do nothing ! It was definitely a last minute emergency trip…. But I just had to go and stand in solidarity and try to give voice to my amazon brothers and sisters who were being criminalized by their government and whos voices are ignored by Peru’s propaganda media . I went to speak out against President Garcias plans to exploit and rape the Amazon in the name of development and greed , speak out against the criminalization of indigenous protesters and to try to investigate the truth about what had happened in Bagua in the early morning of June 5th.

My arrival resulted in a big media circus , and since I spoke out against the government and media lies in press conference and interviews , the media attacked me… As I expected.

I even had people speculating that I must be financed by some foreign power to tumble the Garcia Regime…So it was quiet scary …

I brought 50 cameras, so people could tell their stories ,videotape the truth and let their voices bee heared through youtube, facebook,myspace and blogs.

Video cameras are such a powerful weapon of truth against human rights abuse and government oppression.

If it would not be for videos, Peru’s Garcia regime would have gotten away with lying about the violent massacre in Bagua.

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