26 Mar 2010

Second advance in a week for Green Party in Suffolk

John Matthissen has just sent me this, cheers amigo.

Second advance in a week for Green Party in Suffolk

Huge by-election gain from Tories follows councillor defection earlier this week

Rachel Eburne has been elected to join Andrew Stringer and John Matthissen as the third Green Party councillor on Mid Suffolk District Council, following the defection to the Greens of Babergh DC Tory councillor Dean Walton earlier this week.

In 2007, the Greens took 16% in Haughley & Wetherden. Yesterday, Rachel Eburne won with 61% of the vote, with the Conservatives in a distant second place at 24%.

Full Result

Green Party 444 (61%)
Conservative 176 (24%)
Lib Dem 51 (7%)
Labour 32 (4%)
UKIP 25 (3%)

Eburne said that three factors were key to her win: "First, I was a local candidate and involved in my community. Second, we have a hard-working Green county councillor, Andrew Stringer, and people appreciate his efforts. Finally and crucially, I found a deep disaffection on the doorstep with politics from other parties that were not relevant to everyday concerns -- things like our position on better broadband access, and our work on reducing local traffic speeds and litter."

Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party said, "This is a great result, with a by-election win off the Tories. Once we elect a few Greens in an area, people like what they see, and it leads to even more Green councillors. It also shows our commitment to grassroots politics at a time of deep dissatisfaction with mainstream politicians."

The local Green Party ran a measured six week campaign, building on the local record of delivering on practical issues across the wards they represent at District and County levels. Once nominations closed, there was emphasis on Rachel as the only truly local candidate, living in the ward and brought up in nearby Woolpit. Campaigning included hugely successful community litter picks in both villages, and a poster board in almost every street in the ward.

Rachel Eburne is a former Director of Women's Environmental Network (WEN). She and husband Richard Stacy, who is the Chair of the 1st Wetherden and Haughley Scout Group, now live at Haughley Green and their two children attend the local Crawford’s CEVC School. Her interests revolve around supporting local initiatives, such as better cycling and foot paths, local food production, community orchards and greater access to domestic renewable energy.

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So her children attend a faith school?
Bet she didn't mention ED176!

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