5 Apr 2010

Avatar director to make film on the Amazon indigenous struggle

Popular culture can have a positive effect. Avatar was a bit cardboard but it did flag up the indigenous struggle. So I am encouraged that its director James Cameron has visited indigenous people in Brazil and supported their struggle against the removal of a chunk of their land for a hydro-electric dam.

Hope he can make it to Peru, there is a major film in the story of Aidesep.

Although the idea that indigenous people can defeat mining corporations and a corrupt government without outside help as they did in Peru and will do again, is a little to much for some people. This is exactly what Aidesep have done.

Fresh off his huge blockbuster success with Avatar, James Cameron is taking a commendable stand on indigenous issues in the rainforest. Flying down to Brazil’s Amazonian city of Manaus recently, the film director criticized the Belo Monte hydro electric dam project. "For people living along the river, as they have for millennia," he said, "the dam will end their way of life. I implore the Brazilian government, and President Lula, to reconsider this project."

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