7 Apr 2010

Compass votes Green!

Compass are campaigning for a radical Labour Party manifesto but these policies are all green policies already, well not sure if we have the junk tax and the military convenant is a bit obscure (no Trident, troops out of Afghanistan).

I am not a Compass fan but at least they are backing us! Vote Green!


This election should be a watershed moment in which we create the basis for more broadly based prosperity and an alternative to the reckless growth that is destroying the planet. The 12 policies in this document are a chance to start this process:

1. Make the banks safe (supported by 68%)
2. Make all votes count (supported by 65%)
3. A living wage (supported by 58%)
4. A New Military Covenant (supported by 63%)
5. Tax junk mail (supported by 78%)
6. Replace top up fees with a graduate tax (supported by 52%)
7. A High Pay Commission (supported by 65%)
8. Close the gender pay gap (supported by 88%)
9. Cap interest rates on unsecured credit (supported by 89%)
10. Railways for people, not profit (supported by 70%)
11. Ban advertising to children (supported by 77%)
12. Introduce a Robin Hood tax (supported by 53%)

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