10 Apr 2010

Brighton blogger 'Brighton Pavilion has been awash with Greens today'

Brighton Pavilion has been awash with Greens today. Between 80 and 100 activists (not all party members but people who want to see Caroline Lucas in parliament)flooded the constituency. Even in the heyday of Labour activism in the 1980s, there was rarely a day when there was a mass turnout like this.
Channel 4 News covered the Greens campaign, filming over two days, and interviewing Ms Lucas, Charlotte Vere for the Tories, Nancy Platts for Labour, and some bloke for the Lib Dems since their candidate is so invisible that it has become embarassing. Nancy and Charlotte must have been frustrated by the editing of their interviews since what came across was a single “Stop Lucas” message. Knowing both of them, they stand for much more than this, but it is a reflection of the campaign locally. It has long since been a straight fight between three impressive women.

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Anonymous said...

If the Chair of B&H Lib Dems is so ill-informed about us, despite 14 years of Green representation on his local council and our wide range of successes in many policy areas, that he really thinks we are a "single-issue party", then I wonder that local Lib Dems trust him with the job.

As for the Labour candidate: "People need to understand that if you want a Labour government you need to vote Labour." Thanks for the reminder not to vote for the party of war, privatisation, widening social inequality and intrusive surveillance, though I hardly think people need it!

And finally the Tory candidate alleges that we're going for a policy-free victory. That'll be why polls on individual anonymised policies rather than parties (such as the recent voteforpolicies.org.uk) suggest that ours are the most popular, then! She must be jealous of Caroline Lucas' high public profile and popularity.

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