3 Apr 2010

Elect Adrian Ramsay as Green MP for Norwich South

Just had this, no excuses, get on the doorstep and campaign.

Evidence on the doorstep in Norwich South is showing we can win and increasingly close between Adrian Ramsay and New Labour MP, Charles Clarke, who brought us student top-up fees, wants more privatisation of council housing, education and the NHS; helped bring in ID cards and was part of the Iraq war cabinet.

We do not have time to wait to elect Adrian in a few years' time - we must win now - and we urgently need support on the ground with door knocking and leafleting. If you are willing to give just one day of your time every 5 years to help the Green Party win an MP seat, now is the time to visit! Contact chris.williams@greenparty.org.uk or call 01603 611 909 to offer to help. Accommodation can be provided."

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