7 Apr 2010

Killing for sport? Not something I support.

'Shooting for pleasure disgusts me, please don't vote for me...Many voters locally in the Windsor constituency tell me they strongly oppose animal cruelty.'

Dear Mr Wall,

I am writing to remind you that you have not yet taken up the opportunity to make your views known on legitimate shooting via our campaigning website.

In the last parliament legitimate shooting sports received support from all parties. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is the largest shooting organisation in the UK. In the weeks leading up to the election we are running a campaign site on candidates’ views on shooting. The site contains a database of candidates and allows our members to email them.

Shooting involves a million people, benefits conservation and provides recreation, food and pest control. Live quarry shooting alone generates £1.6 billion for the UK economy and £250 million for conservation each year.

One of BASC's objectives is to continue to work for all party support for shooting. You can find out more about BASC and shooting sports, including the codes of practice which apply in the UK at www.basc.org.uk.

In advance of the election I would be grateful if you could answer one question that will allow us to put an entry beside your name on the database. Please choose the option that comes closest to your views:

· I support shooting sports conducted according to the current codes of practice.
· I am supportive of some aspects of legal shooting sports but have reservations in one or more areas.
· I am against shooting sports.
· I do not yet have enough information to make an assessment.

If you wish to expand on your view, please do and we will make arrangements for members to find out your view in detail.
If you want more information please consult our website: www.basc.org,uk.
Thank you in advance for helping us inform our members.
With best wishes

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