7 Apr 2010

Whose is backing Derek Wall for Windsor in the General Election

"Derek Wall has worked tirelessly to promote green politics, every vote he receives in the Windsor constituency will strenghten the case for an ecological alternative. We need an alternative to the traditional political parties whose policies have failed to deliver economic stability, equality or policies to protect future generations, Derek provides voters in Windsor with such an alternative please support his campaign" - Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP for the South East

"The Greens have now replaced Labour as the most progressive party in British politics. We Greens are the only party that wholeheartedly defends public services and working people. We've got the best policies to stop climate change and to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment. I urge disillusioned Labour voters to come over to the Greens and vote for Derek Wall." - Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner

"At a time in electoral politics when so many people say “what is the point in voting, they are all the same” When lots of those who do vote it is often for the one they consider ‘not as bad as the others’. The voters of Windsor will have the chance to vote for someone of real integrity sound politics and a belief in a better, safer greener Windsor and the world. That person is Derek Wall." - Jerry Hicks, Unite the Union candidate for the General Secretary election.

"Derek Wall provides a radical difference to discredited, mainstream politicians. Authentic politics is about change, people, the planet, animals and the entirety of our lives. Politics can only be good and purposeful, if it has ethical minded individuals driving it. I am endorsing Derek Wall as a person who I positively respect for his active commitment to justice for animals and the planet, for social justice and economic empowerment of ordinary people as against big business and corporations. Derek is a new and fresh type of politician. By voting for Derek, you will be voting for that change!" - Jagdeesh Singh, Sikh Environmental Network, Slough

"Derek Wall brings a level of green thinking that is urgently needed in the world today. As a political economist with a finger on the pulse of national and international events, his presence in Parliament would benefit us all. I strongly urge people to vote for him in Britain's upcoming general election" - Nandor Tanczos, former New Zealand Green Party MP

"British politics has hit an all time low in the eyes of the public. And for good reason. Our politicians betrayed us by uncritically following America into illegal wars, causing untold pain and suffering to families here and abroad. They sat idly by as the banks recklessly gambled billions on the financial markets, creating the conditions for the current recession. Too many have become tainted and discredited by sleaze and expenses abuse.

We need politicians who put the common good before themselves and their party. Derek Wall is such a person. He has a passionate commitment to social justice, both here and abroad. He has a long record of campaigning for a cleaner, healthier and balanced environment. I am proud to support him and I urge you to do likewise. It’s no good just complaining about our current crop of MP’s. It’s time to change them! Please give Derek Wall your full support and help elect an MP you could feel proud of." - Salma Yaqoob, Respect Party leader and Birmingham Councillor.

Well its a big battle in Windsor constituency but you can help in the following ways.

1. Donate (see below).
2. Join my General Election Facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=275358301499
3. Put up a poster if you live in the constituency mail me on wallddd (at) hotmail.com
4. Help with leafletting mail me on wallddd (at) hotmail.com

I am taking the green agenda of real action on climate change, social justice and anti-war to 90,000 voters in the constituency.

I have had some fantastic endorsements.

This is the information about donations

We in the Green Party don't have dodgy billionaire donors, we don't take money from unscrupulous big business, and we're not in the pockets of media moguls. This means that we do have to ask our supporters and party members to dig deep, especially in the run-up to elections, to help us fund the work we do.

Printing leaflets, distributing newsletters, putting up candidates in general elections: all of these costs add up. At the same time, our locally active members are all volunteering their time freely to help us progress.

Any donation made, however small, will be gratefully received. Please make cheques payable to 'East Berkshire Green Party' and send them to:

East Berkshire Green Party

37 Bishopdale,



In order to comply with election law, you need to be on the electoral register and to give us your name and address. Please include these details and include a phone number in case of any query.

Alternatively, email our Treasurer (eastberkshiregreenparty at googlemail.com) to find out our bank details. You're welcome to set up a regular transfer or make a one-off payment.


Paul said...

Good luck Derek rather you than some new labour sycophant.

Besides I'd love to see you debating on question time or similar as an MP. It would brighten politics up no end to see you coming out with undiluted support for the Cuban regime on national TV. We need more like you as otherwise life and politics is not interesting.

Anonymous said...

Peter Tatchell is a "Human Rights Campaigner". What!?!

Narcissist and a publicity whore more like.

All one has to say is "I'm not a fan of Kenny Everett" or "I quite like the Pogues", and suddenly he will be shouting you down and accusing you of being a homophobe. Please don't let this bigot "support" you.

Derek Wall said...

I wish Robert Mugabe would use his real name rather than posing as 'anon'.

may be I should just reject comments like the above, I don't always agree with Peter but I am proud to have his support.

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

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