25 Apr 2010

Climate vigil

from Christian Ecology Link



Ruth Jarman

e-mail : ruthj@phonecoop.coop

Jo Abbess
Local Call Rate : 0845 45 98 46 0

e-mail : info@christian-ecology.org.uk



1. Christian Ecology Link, the Campaign against Climate Change, and
other members of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition are holding an
overnight vigil between Saturday 15th May 2010 and Sunday 16 May 2010,
celebrating the Earth in the Arts, and reminding the newly-formed
British Government to act decisively and urgently on Climate Change.

2. As part of the Climate Vigil, Christian Ecology Link, with the
support of Operation Noah, is offering an ecumenical service at St
Martin-in-the-Fields Church, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ, on
Saturday 15th May 2010 at 11pm (23:00), to which all are welcome :-


3. Mark Dowd of Operation Noah, Channel 4 "God is Green" documentary
presenter, will address those meeting at St-Martins-in-the-Fields
Church, on the subject of the crisis in Climate Change, the damages
the World is already experiencing, the failures in the international
negotiations, and hopes for what the new British Government can bring.

4. While the church service is taking place, vigil supporters will
be gathering with lit candles and torches in Trafalgar Square.

5. At midnight, there will be a candlelit procession to Old Palace
Yard, outside the Houses of Parliament, opposite the Palace of
Westminster, where the vigil will be welcomed by music, ancient,
modern and global, and artistic displays and presentations, and where
speeches will be made, by Climate Change scientists and activists.

6. Throughout the night, Christian Ecology Link will be hosting a
space for prayers, quiet music, meditation and reflection at the
Lambeth Methodist Mission, 3 – 5 Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7DQ, where
tea and coffee will be served.

7. There will be a full programme of arts and music activities
during the night, at Old Palace Yard and St Jude's Community Centre,
St Georges Road, London SE1 6EZ, where the Brixton Tea Party will
provide refreshments, and breakfast.

8. Classical musicians and singers wishing to take part in the
church service, or perform at either of the overnight venues, should
contact Ruth Jarman of Christian Ecology Link on 07970 907784 or at

9. Ruth Jarman of Christian Ecology Link said, "The Climate Vigil
aims simply to keep the truth alive. Governments lost the plot at last
year's Copenhagen summit, and sceptics have been getting all the
airtime recently with some feeble assertions. From the General
Election campaign you'd think that the problem of dangerous Climate
Change had gone away. But it hasn't. It's vital to remember the
truth, that we're still in trouble. We need prayer and prophecy,
creativity and campaigning. On 15th May we will be coming together,
Christian or not, because we need each other, and Government needs us


NOTES from Christian Ecology Link

The Climate Vigil will be promoted with this call :-

"Light a candle for science, reason and truth; for action to deal with
the climate emergency; for creation, climate justice and the world's
poorest; for the young and future generations; for positive solutions;
climate jobs, green energy and a Zero Carbon Britain. Let the new
Government know that you care."

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