18 Apr 2010

New book asks 'Why Vote Green'?

'Radical politics, Climate Change mitigation and a Just Society are what makes the Green Party a force for good and deserving of the voter's serious consideration. We saw, in chapter one, why Greens understood that gaining office was not an end in itself but a vital means towards delivering radical political, social and ecological solutions fit for the scale and urgency of the challenges faced by humanity today. The Green Party thus heralds its optimism in a democratic politics worthy of the name. We recognise a human responsibility to both non-human animals and future generation, in pursuit of long-term, selfless values. By choosing to appeal to voters, and to respect them, as rational agents, we seek to engender trust in politics. Greens are responding to a calling, not making a career move.' (Ali 2010: 114)

Biteback have just published a series of six books asking why vote?, why vote Conservative, Labour, Lib dem, etc.

They are concise and can be read in a few hours, full of up to the minute information.

Shahrar Ali, who I have had the pleasure of working with on many occasions, has written the 'Why Vote Green' title. He is Green Party candidate for Brent Central and works as a philosophy lecturer at the University of London.

I recommend his book to everyone who wants to find out more about the Green Party and to Green Party activists trying to put our case in the General Election campaign.

I have learnt quite a bit from the book, despite being a party member since the 1980s, for example, I was intrigued to find that Patrick Geddes had been putting the case for green economics in the 1880s when he observed that profit was 'the interest paid by nature on the matter and energy expended upon her during the process of production'.

Its a fascinating and clear read and even name checks recent green political cinema with references to The Age of Stupid and Avatar.

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