22 Apr 2010


And what of Mr Clegg personally? Well, he has fiercely condemned the influence of lobbyists as part of the "old politics" and called for "reform on lobbying". But he has been distinctly coy about his own two past spells as a lobbyist, leaving them off his official biography on the Lib Dem website. Most interesting and recent is Mr Clegg's high-level stint, in the middle of his political career, with GPlus, the influential and controversial Brussels company.
Peter Guilford, GPlus's founder, explicitly pitches his firm as the place for organisations with "a real problem affecting their reputation". Its clients have included the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, whose plantations are accused of contributing to tropical deforestation (GPlus argued for a relaxation of EU regulations to allow more palm oil imports)

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Green Nick Clegg? Well one of my real non Green Party green political heros is of course lib dem Lord Avebury who did a splendid job supporting my friends Aidesep in the Amazon....however I am not convinced that the party as a whole is ethically sourced and green to go...

They certainly produce some tasty leaflets, classics being all green leaflets that look like they are from the Green Party telling people not to vote Green. Here are 7 things you may not know about the Lib dems claims to be the Green Party.

1) This ongoing myth about being against the Iraq War - the Lib Dems weren't against the war, they wanted to see a UN resolution authorising the war. If Bush/Blair had secured that, through outright bribery and arm twisting at the UN Security Council, what would have happened then?

2) They posture on Trident (delivery of nuclear weapons), but their policy is to retain half of the UK's nuclear weapons.

3) Lib Dems are only investing £3 billion as part of a green jobs package, not the £44 billion that Greens want as part of a 1 million jobs programme.

4) They talk about public transport, but Lib Dems are in favour of privatised trains.

5) They talk about local control, but they are in favour of PFI (taking public services and locking them away from public control for 25 year contracts).

6) Lib Dems speak in favour of congestion charging nationally, but are against it in Edinburgh, Manchester and York.

7) It's the same on wind farms, airport expansion, and incineration.


Anonymous said...

"Clegg also worked extensively with Green MEPs on legislation to liberalise the EU's energy sector, arguing that liberalisation was a crucial tool to promote greater energy-efficiency and sustainability" Wikipedia

Not just the Tory press going for clegg.

Derek Wall said...

If he was doing wonderful green things I would be happy to praise him.

Lord Avebury did his serious bit for Aidesep, I doubt Clegg has even heard of them....tell me I am wrong and I will blog!

Anonymous said...

"...and campaigned for the human rights organisation Survival International." Wikipedia

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

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