18 Sept 2010

Green socialist could win top trade union post

My good friend Jerry Hicks, could win the battle for Unite General Secretary, a working class hero and grassroots militant, Jerry would take an average workers salary, fight the cuts and campaign for green jobs.

If we want to resist the Con-Dem government and build a sustainable future, supporting him is essential, nearest we have to the Latin American left in the UK, so if you are in Unite vote for Jerry, if not spread the word!

From Jerry Hicks: Please forward to all those who you consider would have an interest
Call to fight cuts from prospective union boss
Article in Portsmouth news

Published Date: 18 September 2010

THE would-be head of Britain's biggest trade union came to Portsmouth to issue a rallying cry against looming public sector job cuts.

Jerry Hicks, one of the candidates tipped to become general secretary of Unite, addressed a meeting of around 90 trade unionists on Thursday night.

If he succeeds in his leadership bid, the diminutive 51-year-old ex-aircraft worker would be the most powerful trade unionist in Britain, representing around 1.5m members, including tens of thousands in Hampshire.

He told the meeting in King Henry 1 Street beside the Guildhall: 'It's not our crisis, we didn't create it and we're not paying the price.'
He urged mass industrial action in protest against the planned cuts, and added: 'Whether it's Vestas on the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Plymouth, or Bristol – wherever the struggle is that's where we'll be.'

Mr Hicks also visited the First bus depot in Hilsea to speak to shop stewards.

The election campaign for the first general secretary of Unite is now underway and is expected to conclude next month.


If you would like the latest A5 leaflet sent to you please let Jerry konw by emailing jerryhicks4gs2010@yahoo.co.uk

Keep on keeping on..........................

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