27 Sept 2010

'Renowned Marxist philosopher, Slavoj Zizek, strolled past the rally with apparently little interest.'

The University is a factory.

The University is a factory where most of the workers are to be sacked.

The University is a factory where the most militant and organised are the cleaners.

The University is a factory where one product is 'theory'.

The University is a factory where the workers who produce 'theory' have the least interest in 'practice'.

Soas was occupied in support of Low Paid Cleaners, it is reported that noted Marxist academic showed no interest in the occupation.

Can this be true, I think we should be told!



Plutonomy Basket said...

Are you really surprised?

"The slogan became the emblematic image of the campaign, and hanging above a neoclassical statue with fist pumped into the air, it endowed the campaign with an uncompromising, industrial proletariat aesthetic that served to reinforce its militant credentials"

Love it. Pseuds corner cert. Thanks Derek.

Derek Wall said...

Fair point!

Nonetheless the Cleaners are pretty solid no bullshit people.

I like much of what Zizek writes but I guess you could put him in the same corner squared.

Thanks for commenting, do think academics can be a bit seperate from stuff at times.

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