6 Sept 2010

Lets crash Tony Blair's book launch party on wednesday

In Richard III all the people dirty Dick had killed came back to haunt him as he slept, the ghosts must be queing up for Tony Blair, millions died, the killer clown has abandoned his book signing but he still has a book launch party.

He has been recently encouraging us to go to war with Iran.....every step he takes leaves a footprint of blood.

Message from Stop the War

BUT HE IS HAVING A LAUNCH PARTY FOR HIS SLIMY MEMOIRS AT THE TATE MODERN THAT EVENING. THE STOP THE WAR COALITION HAS CALLED A PROTEST OUTSIDE TATE MODERN AT 5.30 pm WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8th. They are asking supporters to make it as artistic as possible and to bring Bliar masks or other memorabilia.

( Waterstone's Book Signing Cancelled )

- demo at Tate Modern Weds 8th Sept 5.30 pm
.. Blair due to host 'secret' Book Launch Party..


- Stop the War want the protest to be as 'artistic' as possible

Blair is hosting a "secret" book launch party at the Tate Modern gallery on
the evening of Wednesday 8 September.

This has already been termed the "war criminals' party", as Blair is sure to
be joined by Alistair Campbell, Jack Straw and others who helped concoct the
lies that took Britain into the illegal war in Iraq.

Prominent figures from the arts - including Brian Eno, David Gentleman,
Katherine Hamnett and Cat Phillips have already expressed their outrage that the Tate Modern is being used to promote
Blair's memoirs, and have called on the gallery, even at this late stage, to
cancel the event.

Stop the War has called a demonstration at Tate Modern at 5.30pm on 8
September. We want this protest to be as "artistic" as possible. We are
encouraging anyone who is coming to the protest who has a Blair mask or any
resources from past Blair protests, to bring them to the Tate Modern.

Please spread the word as widely as you can. See the Stop the War website
for updates: http://bit.ly/FeWuS

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Anonymous said...

Write to Tate Modern


and ask for details of party and what to bring.

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