17 Sept 2010

Women demand to be priests!

Catholic women demand equality

Call on Pope for women priests

Friday 17 September
Assemble: 2pm to 2.30pm
St. George's RC Cathedral, Corner St George's Road and Lambeth Road, SE1 7HY

Catholic women's procession to Lambeth Place

3pm rally outside Lambeth Place as the Pope arrives to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury at 4pm.

Protest organiser contacts:
Lala Winkley 0787 569 8194
Pat Brown 0795 004 8628

Roman Catholic women campaigning for women to be ordained in a reformed priesthood (CWO - Catholic Womens Ordination) are gathering outside St. George's RC Cathedral in Southwark, S.E. London at 2-2.30pm on Friday 17th September.

They will stage a processional walk of witness down Lambeth Road to Lambeth Palace where, at 4pm, Pope Benedict XVI will arrive to meet Archbishop Rowan Williams. They will be joined there in solidarity by women priests from the Church of England who are campaigning for their right to be bishops.

Catholic Womens Ordination is a group campaigning for reform of the male, celibate priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church and the elimination of an attitude and structure of clericalism, patriarchy and global misogyny, with the inclusion of women to ordination in this reformed priesthood

On Friday, we will make a witness to the Anglican and Catholic leaders concerning the sexism and abuses of power in their religious institutions.


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Wave the Censer, Light the Candle said...

I wouldn't hold your breath on this one, I suspect Hell will freeze over first.

I would advocate that any Roman Catholic women who wish to become priests join the Old Catholic Church - the people who left back in the 19th Century because they couldn't agree with the newfangled concept of Papal Infalability, or its even more liberal offshoot, the Liberal Catholic Church.

These two have all the smells and bells as only the Latin Rite pre Vativan II, and the Eastern Orthodox can do 'em, without the bigotry.

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