17 Sept 2010

Urgent appeal to prevent expulsion of rainforest preist

IMPORTANT Letter writing Campaign in support of BROTHER PAUL MCAULEY = help protect the Amazon and Indigenous Peoples !

Please sign and e-mail this Letter of Support for BROTHER PAUL MCAULEY
Paul is an amazing environmental hero, who has dedicated
himself for 2 decades to defend Perus Amazon Forrest and
educate Indigenous communities about their Rights.
Sadly Perus Government is determined to expell him
from Peru and silence his Voice, in an attempt to eliminte
everyone who is standing in the way of the corrupt and
illegal selling off of Amazon Indigenous community Lands.

Please take a minute and copy&paste and e-mail below letter of support !

Your Voice and help with this will surely be greatly appreciated!

It is so so important that they know that the world is watching !
so, pleeeese e-mail either the english version or spanish version

to following 2 key people :

Director General de Migraciones, Peru
Gral. PNP (r) Juan Antonio Alvarez Manrique.

Jefe de J.M. IQUITOS
I.M. Maria del Rosario Gutierrez Aguilar.

Or if you want to send this Letter in Spanish :

“Sr. Director de Migraciones y Sra. Jefa de Migraciones, Iquitos,

Escribo para exigir una explicación por una serie de obstáculos que se viene

poniendo en el trámite de prorroga de residencia del Hno. Paul.

La demora y las exigencias especiales que se ha puesto en su caso demuestran

claras señales de discriminación y hostigamiento. Pido que se complete el

proceso según el trato que se dé a cualquier residente en sus plenos derechos de

completar un trámite.

Name: Date:


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