30 Sept 2010

Rory Carroll 'puta madre'?

Well the Guardian will be running lots of 'Chavez is a dictator' stories, when they run more about people being killed in Peru and Colombia, I will stop proclaiming fuck Rory Carroll!

Sadly a lot of people are being killed in Colombia by right wing paramilitaries, I wish the British media reported more on this...but no Chavez/human rights stories are more to their taste.

In August 2010 Colombian human rights activist Alfonso Castillo was threatened by a rightwing paramilitary death squad known as the ‘Black Eagles’.

The threat, which arrived by e-mail, said that Alfonso had been 'sentenced to death' and that he had to leave Bogota, where he lives and works, or die.

Please take a moment to send a message to the Colombian Ambassador calling for Alfonso to be protected and for the Colombian authorities to take action against the 'Black Eagles'.

Please click here to send your message:

Justice for Colombia

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Minarchist said...

You're right Derek, that the government of Colombia a vile human rights abusers. Your ongoing love affair with Chavez is equally vile. If you bother to look at the actions of a megalomaniac, homophobic bigot.

But then you appear to live by the naive doctrine of "my enemies enemy is my friend".

No wonder the left have such problems.

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