28 Sept 2010

UCL workers win campaign for living wage

UCL Head Malcom Grant with sacked cleaner Juan Carlos

Just got this.....Latin American Workers Association comrades have fought an amazing campaign and I think the power of the press, usually in Britain they work for the super rich, helped with the article in the Evening Standard on the campaign. Evening Standard article here

As most of you will be aware, a delegation from the UCL Living Wage Campaign today met with UCL Provost Malcolm Grant and other senior managers from UCL to discuss the London Living Wage.

Before we had so much as woken up this morning, Grant posted this to all UCL staff in his weekly newsletter (at 1.08 am):

“There has been some media coverage recently of [the London Living Wage] campaign and discussion of UCL’s approach to outsourced contractors and their rates of pay. Following internal discussions, I shall be meeting shortly with representatives of the LLW Campaign to inform them that we will indeed, in common with some other higher education institutions in London, work towards implementing the LLW pay rates in these contracts as they fall due for review over the next couple of years. As I have outlined above, we face serious financial challenges, and to meet this serious commitment we will need to review also the levels of service we require and can reasonably afford in the difficult years ahead to bring down costs. In addition, we shall be inviting all those who have supported this campaign and are also employers to join us in making a similar commitment.”


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