4 Oct 2010

Come to the Rally for Change in Stratford, 7th October

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you about an important public meeting in Stratford, on
Thursday 7th October, 7 - 9 pm, to launch the People's Charter in this part
of London. Please help support the meeting by forwarding on this email to

The Coalition Government want to force through the biggest cuts any of us
will ever have seen in our life time. They don't have the mandate to do
this. As residents, parents, young people, pensioners, in unions, community
groups, or environmental campaigns, we need to come together and make the
majority voice heard.

Throughout Britain anti cuts organisatins and alliances are springing up.
In Bethnal Green Tony Benn and others addressed a packed meeting only last

There is another way to prosperity and a secure and decent life for all.
The People's Charter sets out what the alternative could look like. It
already has the backing of the unions, community groups and thousands of
individuals up and down the country. The Coalition of Resistance, led by
Tony Benn, is also bringing people together against the cuts. The People's
Charter and the Coalition of Resistance work together.

The next People's Charter rally for change will take place in Stratford
Circus, Theatre Square, 5 minutes walk from Stratford Station.

Speakers include Bob Crow RMT, Jean Lambert (Green Party), Alex Kenny (NUT),
Junaid Ahmed (London Muslim Centre) and Imran Khan.

All those who want to oppose the cuts are welcome to attend.

The meeting is supported by the RMT, National Union of Teachers, the
Coalition of Resistance, East London Teachers Association, Tower Hamlets
Green Party, Tower Hamlets Respect Party, and Newham Trades Council.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards

Imran Khan

Civil Rights Lawyer

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