1 Oct 2010

Indigenous oppose the coup in Ecuador

The indigenous in the Amazon of Ecuador have been in conflict with President Correa.

Nonetheless they strongly reject the coup attempt and have called for support for the democratic process.

This is from the Aidesep website (Peruvian indigenous organisation).

AIDESEP, October 1, 2010. The Ecuadorian indigenous movement and its organizations expressed their opposition to actions taken by the national police and army against democracy in the country. The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities and Peoples of Ecuador - CONAIE and its subsidiaries ECUARUNARI CONFENIAE, CONAICE have called for an urgent press conference to publicize its position on these facts.

Asencio Faris, leader of the Conferederación Peoples of Kichwa Nationality of Ecuador-ECUARUNARI, rejected versions of the indigenous movement linking the events and said that although they are opponents of the government, but as indigenous movement more than ever to support democracy

He also expressed concern at the insecurity that has gripped major Ecuadorian cities where the robberies are multiplied with the inaction of the police and warned that the situation could lead to death, because many people are trying to approach the police hospital, where President Rafael Correa [was] virtually kidnapped by the police.

ECUARUNARI leader announced that all social sectors are coming together at this time to express their opposition to destabilize democracy, since the police are "only defending the privileges that have been curtailed with the Public Service Act enacted by the government ".

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