17 Oct 2010

'My Milk is Green, come drink me'

Video above, offensive yes, funny perhaps, an illustration of green triple think certainly.

Other links worth a sunday look include.

Coals assault on health Here

John Grey on the emergence of the politics of 'progressives' neo-liberals in the London Review of Books

Energy conservation increases energy consumption according to Green Left Weekly

Labour tentatively oppose the cuts http://bit.ly/cAlxKC

However Ed Miliband, a former shadow climate minister has his revenge on pesky environmentalists Read more here

Chile miners were 'Ace in the Hole' for right wing President according to John Pilger

Boycott disinvest sanctions (BDS) Israel campaign parallels with battle against apartheid South Africa writes Patrick Bond

Elinor Ostrom discusses the 'cow jail' as an illustration of the common pool property regulation herel

Wu Ming interview with John Green here

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