2 Oct 2010

Mapuche hunger strike ends

Meeting at ULU on Mapuche and workers struggles in Chile on tuesday, 7.30PM, many thanks to Permanent Revolution for their good work in solidarity with Chile.

Meeting called by Chilean Ex-political prisoners and Latin American Co-ordination, monday 11th October.

This is the text of the agreement between the Chilean government and the Mapuche prisoners.

[First:] It is public knowledge that the government has promoted legal reforms aimed at modifying the Antiterrorism Law and the norms associated with the trial of civilians in military tribunals.

“This willingness towards change is a part of our government’s agenda and responds to the democratic convictions and principles of our legal system, which are embraced in our Constitution, international legal norms, human rights, and ILO Convention 169, as well as in the recommendations from international organizations.

“Second: As a consequence of the ongoing legal reforms, the government’s understanding of the law now demands that it not pursue the terrorist claims presented under the presidency of Michelle Bachelet. This is the case because, under the new legal framework, the government does not believe that the events for which the Mapuche individuals have been implicated can continue being classified as terrorist acts.

“The government will thus proceed to dismiss all claims for terrorist acts and replace them with claims based on the common penal code. To this end, and for the knowledge of the parties, filings will be made in the appropriate tribunals within the next 5 working days. This decision has been adopted, in the perspective of the executive branch, for State reasons and the common welfare.

“Third: The government will continue to promote in Congress reforms to the Military Justice Code to ensure that civilians will be tried by ordinary courts, thus avoiding double jeopardy, and ensuring the due process rights that are recognized in the Constitution.

“Fourth: With regards to the other issues raised by the Mapuche individuals’ representatives, and to achieve the fulfillment of this agreement, the signatories agree to return to meetings with Monseñor Ricardo Ezzati, who will strengthen his support and commitment to undertake actions with various authorities and entities in order to continue seeking solutions to the diverse issues that are part of the Mapuche cause.

“Fifth: Several hours ago, we communicated this resolution to the representatives of those individuals on hunger strike, individually named in the attached document, who have indicated to us the decision of those represented to end the strike immediately. The government, through the Ministry of Health, commits itself to providing medical support and assistance to the strikers by providing professionals who will oversee their prompt return to health.

“Additionally, we mutually recognize the commitment and concern that the Mapuche individuals and the government of President Sebastian Piñera have demonstrated to resolve this conflict with the assistance of a facilitator from the Catholic Church.

“The parties trust that this will be the start of more appropriate interactions which will form the basis for a new relationship with the Mapuche People.

Concepción, October 1, 2010


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Russ said...

I think the time is perfect for Pinera to support the Mapuche people. There are very few against changing the anti-terrorism laws, and those that are, are probably so elated by the miners' escape that they will not notice the change anyway!

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