15 Oct 2010

Ratcliffe on Trial

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Mission:21 climate change activists face a Crown Court trial for defending the future of our planet.

Their crime: Planning to shut down the UK’s third largest source of emissions.

Arrested in a night-time police raid on the eve of their attempt to shut down E.ON’s Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal power station, the defendants could face up to 3 months in jail for daring to act. RatcliffeOnTrial.org has been set up to set up to support them and communicate why they felt compelled to take direct action.


1. Statement of Support

If you believe in the importance of acting on climate change, and the necessity of direct action, show your support by sending us a short statement we can publish here and elsewhere.

You can either email us your statement of support to info[at]ratcliffeontrial.org or, better still, write it on our Facebook Wall!

We’re keen to receive these from individuals and organisations.

2. Come to Court

Support in the courtroom is essential. It is very important that the public galleries are packed to show the strength of support for the defendants. If you can come to Nottingham, from 22nd November, for a day, week, or just half an hour, please do!

Email info[at]ratcliffeontrial.org for more information.

3. Donate

Can you help fund the Ratcliffe on Trial campaign?

Publicity materials, meeting space, travel costs and public events have all taken their toll on campaigners’ pockets. If you are in any position to donate, no matter how small or large an amount, you can do so by transferring funds to:

The Skint Fund
SC: 08-92-99
AN: 65385883

Or posting a cheque to:

The Skint Fund,
18 Stratford Street

In both cases, please drop us a quick email to notitfy us of your donation: info[at]ratcliffeontrial.org

4. Organise a Fundraiser

One of the best ways to raise much needed cash for the cause is to organise a fundraiser in your locality. These have already proved to be a massive success in the past, and a lot of fun.

If you’re thinking of organising one drop us an email at info[at]ratcliffeontrial.org and we can help publicise.

5. Follow us Online

We will be continually updating our website and blog in the weeks leading up to the trial, and throughout the trial itself: www.ratcliffeontrial.org

Subscribe to receive email alerts for our blog posts: http://ratcliffeontrial.org/subscribe/

Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ratcliffetrial

Oh, and obviously 'Like' this page.

6. Spread the word

We need your help to get people talking about this unique case. Tell everyone you know, look out for media coverage, and feel free to copy and paste anything from here or our website.

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