1 Oct 2010

A hospital run by vampires?

Just had this from one of my friends in Donegal, Ireland is in utter crisis, the bank bailout is like a vampire running a hospital.

Banks are being bailout and the Irish economy and society is being destroyed.

Dear friends,

Conor McCabe of Dublin Opinion produces an article in the Irish Left Review,
"This is not the final bill - Things are going to get worse" =>

His very strong views about the impact of further cutbacks on the economy
are staggering.
Not only that we are hitting towards a downturn spiral of deflation. In my
view, our economy will be further suffering by an expected international
inflation to come after this recession while Ireland will be bound on its
devalued economy and its hampered productivity for at least the coming

One can argue that deficite spending will even widen the gap between today's
values and future expectations. An interesting but also disillusioning
article can be found at the Swiss IIER website, "Austerity vs. Deficit
Spending - A Catch-22" =>

One or the other way we are doomed. It is just a matter of quality and
quantity. The actions this government is undertaking are hardly to be made
reversible anymore. They are doing anything possible that their successors
will fail in the same way they have been doing. It's a kind of 'long term
strategy' of Fianna Fail, and the "Greens" are only sitting there and nod
everything through.

While our government is squeezing the last drip of juice out of our
workforce and economy which will cripple us even more, other countries like
Germany are already experiencing an upturn again. This can only widen the
gap between the Euro(pean) countries.

In my view, this government is picking the wrong choice as they have been
doing with all these procedures to 'save the banks' because they were
'system relevant' and 'important for the economy'. A further downturn is
foreseeable, and I can only agree with the author of the article in the
Irish Leftreview. This is not the final bill. Things are going to get worse.

It is up to us to do anything possible to
- get rid of this government
- change our political system towards more power for local elected
- encourage people to become more self-reliant in local initiatives
- avoid further exploitation of public goods such as our forestry and our
limited fossil resources for the profit of private investors

I'm sure you would have some own points to add to this list.
In conclusion, there is a lot we can contribute to a better future model of
our society. People are more open now and will become even further receptive
for new ideas, new visions. => http://fisnua.com

Good luck to everyone of you.


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Charlie said...

WatsonMedia presents Mark Blyth on Austerity

=> http://vimeo.com/15061570

Highly recommended!

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