11 Oct 2010

Mumia Abu-Jamal film

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! as supporters of the Free Mumia Abu Jamal
Defence Campaign presents:

In Prison My Whole Life, a film about Mumia Abu Jamal, a political activist on
Death Row

Tuesday, 12th October 2010
upstairs @ The Compass Pub
(on the corner of Chapel Market and Penton Street)
London N1 9PZ
nearest tube Angel

In Prison My Whole Life is a film about Mumia Abu Jamal by William Francome,
who was born on the day, 9th December 1981, that Mumia was arrested and
imprisoned. Almost thirty years later Mumia remains on Death Row and is in the
process of a final appeal against his death sentence. He has always maintained
his innocence in the shooting of a police officer and new evidence, including
the recantation of a key eyewitness, new ballistic and forensic evidence and a
confession from Arnold Beverly (one of the two killers of Officer Faulkner)
point to his innocence. Mumia was a former member of the Black Panthers, a
political activist and journalist who exposed police violence against minority
communities. The US state is determined to silence him because he still, even
from Death Row, gives his voice to the voiceless. Join the movement to free
Mumia Abu Jamal!

All welcome, free entry

With an introduction from the Free Mumia Abu Jamal Defence Campaign and
followed by discussion

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