15 Aug 2011


Saturday 1st October, London
The economic crisis of 2008 is still gripping Europe. Governments are telling us that we are all in it together. But we are not responsible for this crisis of the neo-liberal system.

The EU Central Bank and the IMF are trying to impose austerity programmes on a scale not seen since the 1930s. This means mass unemployment, wage cuts, reforms of pensions, and privatisation of public services. Meanwhile the same bankers collect bonuses worth millions. But these programmes are not working. Greece and Ireland are now asking for more help as they are unable to pay back the first financial bail-out.

There is an alternative.

This crisis is not our crisis. We should refuse to pay their debt. Together across Europe, we must take action to resist these attacks and to defend our public services and jobs. And together, we must organise for a society which meets the needs of people and the planet, not private profit.

Join us in London on Saturday 1st October 2011

Delegations and representatives welcome from trade-unions, social movements and progressive organisations from across Europe.

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Eveline said...

This is all wrong. We do need austerity, but it has to be an austerity that creates a more equal society. As a society we are spending too much, depleting our resources with alarming speed. Austerity needs to start at the top, tackle top salaries and bonuses, tax avoidance and waste. That is what we need to focus on. A 'Europe against austerity' conference, however well meaning, has the wrong name.

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