25 Aug 2011

'tell an addict to cut their habit and they get angry'

A blast from the past but gives you an idea of my approach when I was Green Party of England and Wales Principal Speaker a year or two back.

Talking around the theme 'Catastrophe and Resistance', Derek Wall outlined the ways in which radical green politics can equip us to challenge the threats of ecological and economic catastrophe. Dismissing the Tories as 'green pretenders', he cited conventional politicians 'lack of understanding, lack of vision and lack of aspiration.'

"Gordon Brown commissioned the Stern review, but there is little evidence that he has read it.

"We have new green, the painted on environmentalism of Cameron, Campbell and Brown, united yes by ecotaxes but also by support for nuclear weapons and the insanity of ever increasing economic growth. They use accountancy to pretend they are doing something, but its more like pushing food around your plate than eating up the problem."

"Cameron the neo-con backs war in Iraq as well.

"The bribery scandal, with investigations of alleged BAE payments to Saudi Arabia, was halted by the Blair government, and reveals the truth. They stand from top to toe in blood, shattered bones and entrails. And in this week's budget, an additional £400 million of public money was set aside to fund 'defence', a euphemistic way to describe spending more on death and destruction in our name. Trident alone will cost as much as £70bn on mega death.

"Addicted to profit based on consumption of fossil fuels, old-style politicians are fighting desperately to maintain an unsustainable way of living.

"But tell an addict to cut their habit and they get angry, everyday politicians are tightening the tourniquet and mainlining on petroleum. They can't see the truth, blinded as they are by corrupt desires."


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