6 Aug 2011

Is Brighton Green Party attacking the unions?

This is about 3 weeks old, it has been sorted since then. [union] reps had a meeting with directors, HR, and Councillors a few weeks ago and raised our concerns about this news. One of the UNISON reps present had already got a letter telling him his facility time was being stopped. To be fair, the Greens were pretty outraged by this, (apparently they hadn't known about it) and Bill Randall (Leader of the Greens) issued instructions to the Head of HR to ensure no more of these letters were sent out, and that the ones that already had been were retracted, and facility time restored. He assured us that they will NOT be looking to remove any of our facility time. So don't panic, nowt changing :)

"All Kitcat pledged to do was to answer the question about how we compared to other authorities with regards to our facility time. This article is misleading in that it sounds like the Greens were going to conduct some massive review of it, with the aim of lessening facility time. That was never the case. All elected members are entitled to enquire about spending levels, he simply said he would find out. Even with the extra facility time granted to the unions for the single status issue, we still came out with less time than some other authorities, which shut the Tories up. And we have an agreement from the Greens that they will certainly not be looking to attack our facility time. So this is pretty much a non-story."

Is from a Brighton union rep.

Brighton and Hove GP is doing good, Labour and Tories are keen to stop them doing good.

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