17 Aug 2011

Liberal Democrat resigns to join Greens citing coalition assault on 'social fabric'

“I have been growing increasingly disillusioned with the Lib Dems since the party joined the coalition government. My principal reason for leaving was Chris Huhne’s support for nuclear power, but I have also been completely unimpressed with the coalition’s overall environmental record and appalled by what their policies and cuts are doing to the social fabric.” said Alexis Rowell on tuesday.

The former Liberal Democrat councillor and Camden Eco Champion, Alexis Rowell, will be the Green Party candidate for the Highgate by-election on Thursday 15th September.

Alexis formally resigned from the Lib Dems on Monday, paving the way for his selection by the Greens on Tuesday night. In his resignation letter to Nick Clegg he said: “I recognise that any government would have had to make difficult decisions, but I’m still shocked by the fact that you signed the foreword to the bill to privatise the NHS, by the draconian frontloaded cuts to local government, by the free schools policy, by the virtual abandonment of state-funded higher education, by the lack of any action on banker bonuses and exorbitant pay in general, by the decision to fully privatise the Royal Mail, and by a host of other free market or libertarian policies which I didn’t vote for and which I can’t support.”

The Green Party already have won councillor in the ward and can win.

If you would like to help with the campaign please contact Natalie Bennett on natalie.bennett@greenparty.org.uk


Return of the eco champ and this time he is battling for the Green Party.

This is his Lib Dem resignation letter:


Anonymous said...

In the past defections to the Greens have been secretly welcomed by the Lib Dems because they’ve got rid of the nuttier members. I think they will see this one as a real loss. He was greatly respected by the Lib Dem councillors.

Alabaster Codify said...

Nice hair Sir!

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