22 Jun 2006

Greens in Norwich

Went to Norwich on tuesday and spoke to members of the local party who have 13 councillors, I think this makes them the largest green party councillor group in the country, 2 county, 1 parish, 9 city (well that's 12 but I am in the ball park), my talk on anti-capitalist economics was very well received.

Looked at why capitalism needs constant growth and why constant economic growth wrecks the environment.

flagged up the alienation of modern economics, that we human beings are tools for the economy, when economics should be a tool for us.

Outlined three principles of anti-capitalist economics

1) distinction between use values and exchange values

2) open source/anti-enclosure

3) creativity.

lot of local green left supporters including the philosophy lecturer and local councillor Rupert Read, who we stayed with.

Encouraging that the Party is picking up votes from Labour in at least Wensum ward which is good, given that working class labour support has been going to far right in some places.

Planning to rewrite my winning local election guide to help get more Greens elected and hopefully I will be talking to more local greens about the green left.

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