24 Jun 2006

third camp ecosocialism

well on to lazy blog...its hot here, hotter still where my friend Pablo has mailed from (see below)...do look at his Venezuela blog...very informative.

neither islamphobia nor Salifism but the sufis ....most muslims globally and UK are sufis Barelwi, on the whole sufism is I think a 'good thing' traditionally tolerant, green, based on sheikhs, saints and some impressive culture, particularly music, the ex boxer Muhammed Ali is ofcourse a sufi and via sufism interested in zen.

The SWP/IS used to say, when the soviet union existed and Islam was for them at least not an issue, 'neither Washington nor Moscow'.....third campism, does not really leave a camp to support, now a socialist ecological world is not what we have, there will be a break, a revolution if you like, the world that we want is different to the one we have, it isn't about a few reforms.

Nonetheless there are some actually existing third camps to support, Venezuela is one...there environmental ills, the coal mines in the North, pollution from oil, the gold mines, the fact that Venezuelan's love cars...nonetheless there is a green push, Chavez is one leader who says remarkably that an oil based economy is ecologically wrong and looks to an economy without it, the agriculture organic programme is good, there is a push to reduce car dependency. The forestry mission is encouraging...good article on CIA trying to topple Chavez in July's Red Pepper...

Cuba as well, the Alea films have opened my eyes to the fact that there is intelligent criticism from within the revolution, unfortunately I have never seen much of this from the likes of the SWP and most Lenninist groups over here....Cuba out of necessity has pushed along way towards an eco economy.

The Green Party of England and Wales, way more democratic and participatory than Cuba or really any other political entity I can think off, can we fault the sterling work of Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert, for trade unionist, asylum seekers, on gay rights, climate change, progressive islam, animal rights...we are very very lucky to have them, can you name a more progressive politician in the UK, well Alan Simpson, MP is very inspiring but is on the fringes of labour, our women MEPs provide leadership in a party without happily a leader.

Hi Pablo,

I will put this on my blog...life is good, tropical weather, planted more chillis and peppers with my sons and went for a walk in the woods, always fun because they are private property of Queen Elizabeth, met Chavez when he spoke in London, he spoke wonderfully ofcourse for three hours.

Have helped set up a socialist group Green Left in the Green Party (it has over half of the Party Exec including the Party Chair as supporters).

I will flag up your blog, I guess you are still on your island...how are things in Venezuela...Cesar is over soon, so I am keen to catch up with him.

Are you in UK any time....did you get your Phd I guess you did?

yours for ecosocialismo o muerte,


>From: "Pablo Navarrete"
>To: wallddd hotmail.com
>Subject: article on new environment 'mision'
>Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 20:22:20 -0400
>Hi Derek
>Hope all is well. I thought you might be interested in this:
>*Misión Arbol: Reforesting Venezuela*

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