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Greens condemn health privatisation

Good stuff here from Stuart Jeffery the Greens health speaker

NEWS: Green Party in England & Wales

The Green Party has expressed amazement at the latest step towards NHS Incorporated as the Department of Health bungled the release of an advert to tender for private comapnies to take over the commissioning role of Primary Care Trusts, giving them control over £64 billion.

Stuart Jeffery, health spokesperson for the Green Party said, "The scale of the privatisation of the NHS is simply staggering. This is happening at every level of the organisation and presents a real and present danger to the health care in this country. The loss of commissioning to private companies would give them unparalled access to profits which would be at the expense of clinical care. People are suffering and dying because of the fragmentation and privatisation of our NHS. This must stop."

He concludes, "It comes as no surprise that the government want to extend privatisation to Prima…


The Green Party USA has been advocating a boycott of Israel, today at least support this vigil.

> Vigil in Parliament Square Friday 30 th June 2006 5:30 - 7pm.
> The Israeli government have amassed troops on the outskirts of Gaza and
> are
> moving into Rafah, threatening invasion to rescue one Israeli soldier
> taken
> hostage on Sunday 25th June.
> There are currently 300 Palestinian children (under 18's) and 100
> Palestinian women being held hostages in Israeli prisons. They are among
> over 9,000 Palestinians being held, many of whom are in administrative
> detention - i.e. without trial or charges. However Israeli leader Ehud
> Olmert says negotiations 'are not on the agenda'.
> The Israeli army have killed 50 Palestinians since the beginning of this
> month. Any invasion will inevitably lead to many more Palestinians
> casualties. Since last night the Israeli arm…

Off with their heads

Well may be not, he says in a green non violent way but lets get rid of our head of state, democracy is a sham if we have these characters who claimed to be descended from the norse gods in charge, I live in Windsor (and was a republican election candidate in 2005) so I say, Elizabeth let your people go....the monarchy enclosed the state in Saxon times, lets get back to democracy and while you are about it, can have the Windsor Great Park back as well.

Queen's finances not transparent

Republic calls for greater accountability

London – 28 June 2006

Human rights campaigner and long-time republican Peter Tatchell today
called for "greater transparency and accountability concerning the
Queen's wealth and taxation."

Mr Tatchell was one of a group of members of Republic (the Campaign
for an elected Head of State) who protested outside Buckingham Palace
this morning at 11am, as the announcement was made on the Queen's

"The number one argument for a republic is that …

A green peer to peer bank?

Credit and banking are a big deal, the way that most aspects of life are turned into financial instruments is of course very very dangerous. The Yangtse dolphins are becoming extinct because of your pension! Pensions are based largely on shares and other financial instruments, thus if share values grow we have cash in old age. This means that environmental and social considerations come second or fourth compared to the growth of financial value. We obviously need an economy that disarms finance and halts financialisation…its all gambling, you may lose your shirt, gain a suit or kill the planet.

Banking is a big issue, currency cranks point correctly to the fact that banks create money but simply printing lots of money at the level of the ‘community’ might not act as an alternative, it might fuel inflation cos money creation is about confidence.

Green party policies are aimed at promoting small scale community banks, building societies and credit unions are mutual non profit provider…

Walmart whale killers

Hope you are all organising some solidarity for the ASDA depot workers, this is from Corporate Watch's big report on their Walmart owners, who amongst other things in 2002 bought a big stake in the Japanese supermarket chain who sell whale products.

Have also pasted in this interesting report from Socialist Worker (I am not a fan of their politics but this is good reportage) about the industrial action latest news on action

Supporting whale slaughter

In 2002, Wal-Mart purchased a 37% stake in Seiyu, Ltd., one of Japan's leading supermarket chains. Seiyu, Ltd. is a major distributor of whale, dolphin and porpoise (cetacean) products. Wal-Mart and Seiyu are intimately connected through corporate governance. Five of Wal-Mart’s key executives sit on the Seiyu Board of Directors, including the President and Executive Vice President of Wal-Mart's International Division.

Seiyu Ltd is one of the companies currently under international pressure from groups such as Greenpeace and the En…

Greenspeak tomorrow in Brighton


‘ Exploring the elements of food production....How and where our food is grown, how it is delivered to our shops, schools, hospitals and work canteens, what we eat and where the waste generated by the food system ends up.’

Tuesday 4th July 2006 - Terraces Bar & Grill, Marine Parade (close to Sea Life Centre), Brighton
7.15 pm £Donation
... ... ...


· Claire Devereux of Brighton & Hove Food Partnership
· Miles Denyer of Hankham Organics
· Erica Adler, Cookery Development Worker, Brighton and Hove City Primary Care Trust

Greenspeak is a monthly event that aims to encourage debate and inspire change and positive action. It is a sociable non-smoking evening with food and drinks available. Speakers give their time freely and the event is put together by volunteers. We ask for donations on the night to help cover costs.

Greenspeak will be taking its summer holiday in Augu…

Greening the NHS

The Green Party of England and Wales has excellent health policies, based on a holistic approach showing that social justice and sound environment create health.

this is from the Manifesto for a Sustainable sociey

H100 Health is the condition in which individuals and communities achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential. Health for individuals is only possible in the context of a healthy environment and society. The healthy society is one which guarantees a safe and clean environment; material security for all its citizens; good work; adequate housing; a balanced and unpolluted diet and clean water; appropriate education; a safe transport system; accessible and sensitive public services; equality of opportunity; a secure present and hope for the future. All Green Party policies are designed to promote the health of individuals, communities and society.

GPEW of course opposes the creeping marketization of the National Health Service.

A forgotten reason for t…

Whose Common Future

This has been posted on the Green Left list, join the Green Party and get involved with us!

By clicking on the title above you can read the whole of Whose Common Future....its essential, please take the time....

I wanted to flag up Whose Common Future for a couple of reasons. First, there is a distinct body of ecosocialist literature with I think very important ideas, simply being against injustice or for the environment is not enough. WCF is a good look at what is wrong with both the market and the state, suggesting an economic alternative to both....a lot of literature from progressives tends to look to small scale markets, or reject the WAshington consensus for Keynesian reforms or speak for a bit more state intervention....we need instead to defend, extend and deepen the commons.

Second, while WCF has to my mind the essentials of ecosocialism, it is pretty user friendly for getting these ideas over to non socialists and of course, for getting non green socialist thinking.

Third, I a…

third camp ecosocialism

well on to lazy blog...its hot here, hotter still where my friend Pablo has mailed from (see below) look at his Venezuela blog...very informative.

neither islamphobia nor Salifism but the sufis ....most muslims globally and UK are sufis Barelwi, on the whole sufism is I think a 'good thing' traditionally tolerant, green, based on sheikhs, saints and some impressive culture, particularly music, the ex boxer Muhammed Ali is ofcourse a sufi and via sufism interested in zen.

The SWP/IS used to say, when the soviet union existed and Islam was for them at least not an issue, 'neither Washington nor Moscow'.....third campism, does not really leave a camp to support, now a socialist ecological world is not what we have, there will be a break, a revolution if you like, the world that we want is different to the one we have, it isn't about a few reforms.

Nonetheless there are some actually existing third camps to support, Venezuela is one...there environmental ills, the co…

Greens support Asda walmart strike

Members of the GMB have called a strike at ASDA wallmart distribution depots, the Green Left and the Green Party Trade Union Group are supporting them. In a green society environmentally friendly healthy food would be produced and distributed by a patchwork of small farmers, permaculture, mutuals and cooperatives. This is the second recent industrial action we have supported, university lecturers action was my recent taste of union action, thanks for the support Green Party of England and Wales.

'GMB Shop Stewards National Council agree programme of industrial action including an initial period of 5 consecutive days strike to be followed by comprehensive further industrial action

GMB Shop Stewards National Council meeting in Manchester today agreed a comprehensive programme of industrial action in Asda Wal-Mart's 20 distribution depots to secure their objectives. From 00.01 Frid…

Greens in Norwich

Went to Norwich on tuesday and spoke to members of the local party who have 13 councillors, I think this makes them the largest green party councillor group in the country, 2 county, 1 parish, 9 city (well that's 12 but I am in the ball park), my talk on anti-capitalist economics was very well received.

Looked at why capitalism needs constant growth and why constant economic growth wrecks the environment.

flagged up the alienation of modern economics, that we human beings are tools for the economy, when economics should be a tool for us.

Outlined three principles of anti-capitalist economics

1) distinction between use values and exchange values

2) open source/anti-enclosure

3) creativity.

lot of local green left supporters including the philosophy lecturer and local councillor Rupert Read, who we stayed with.

Encouraging that the Party is picking up votes from Labour in at least Wensum ward which is good, given that working class labour support has been going to far right in some places.

Guantanamera (1995)

well off line, you know, children, work and dodgy to talk to Norwich Green Party tomorrow tuesday 6pm in the city hall about three principles of anti-capitalist economics.

Watch and enjoyed Guantanamera (1995) last week Tomás Gutiérrez Alea last film,

Alea is the Cuban film director, famous for 'Death of a bureaucrat' 'strawberries and Chocolate' first gay themed Cuban film, consistently good and an antidote to Hollywood (don't they make rubbish films...I suppose a good dose of piracy will eventually cut them down to size).

As well as being very good entertainment, Alea is politically important, supportative of the Cuban revolution but very critical of its failings...he is very much an advocate of a creative, open source socialism and attacks the worst excess of bureaucratic method and interesting that criticism is tolerated even encouraged in Cuba, different to soviet union and may be even present USA!

“…cinema provides an active and mobilizin…

Babylon and beyond

Well it's hay my article on Cuban cinema will have to wait, here is a review of Babylon to give you an idea to inspire you to order it for your library or buy it from Pluto Press.



Canadian Journal of Sociology Online January-February 2006
Derek Wall.
Babylon and Beyond: The Economics of Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Globalist and Radical Green Movements.
Pluto Press, 2005, 232 pp.
$US 22.95 paper (0745323901), $US 80.00 hardcover (074532391X)

This book fits nicely within a developing literature on socio-political currents opposing globalized capitalism; indeed, it provides a useful guide to the field, cutting across the boundaries of disciplines and political ideologies in a wide-ranging survey of perspectives. Within his purview Wall includes the anti-capitalist capitalists — lapsed organic intellectuals of global capital such as Joseph Stiglitz and George Soros — whose alternatives amount to a bid to salvage market society via global Keynesianism, but the focus is on app…

Brighton to Guantanamo

Great meeting in Brighton yesterday, Miriam Kennet and I spoke on green economics to great I mean the audience (and Miriam, she is a force of nature, works really hard and has a big academic and networking project with the Green economics institute)! 50 people turned up to hear us when they could have watched Brazil vs Croatia for the world cup, lots of people spoke and made intelligent and critical comments. The message that much of conventional economics is a myth was heard loud and clear.

Kat and Martin from Greenspeak deserve thanks, Greens across the world please follow this example...controversial speakers and debates, a central bar venue, good publicity....we have to have dialogue and education as well as winning elections.

Well lots of speaking engagements over the last couple of weeks...falling off a bit now for summer but I will be in Norwich to talk to the Green Party next tuesday night at 7pm....or you can watch England play.

here is a bit of Jean Lambert'…

verbal narcotic

You can see why they are so keen to kill Mumia when they read his column, he makes the average US president and not just Bush appear inarticulate, MOVE supporters have been killed in the US pretty much at the drop of a hat, remember MOVE have championed green causes, support their right to survive.

[Col. Writ. 6/3/06] Copyright '06 Mumia Abu-Jamal

The word 'democracy' is a kind of verbal narcotic.

To mention it is to daze us; to dull us; to lull us into peaceful slumber.

That's why the Bush Regime, perhaps the least democratic of governments in generations, calls the Iraq invasion and occupation a 'war for democracy.' It is ironic that a government that is profoundly autocratic, that relies on elite authoritarianism, secrecy, wireless wiretaps, secret prisons and torture, can claim to be fighting for something that is becoming so rare in the U.S. (ahem -- democracy).

But, don't trip; t…

Deportation horror

One night several years ago Elizabeth was abducted from her home in Uganda, bundled into a car, and taken to a so-called 'Safe House' - an unofficial
Ugandan prison where torture is regularly practised. She was held
for 5 months, during which time she was repeatedly raped, whipped and
beaten. She eventually managed to escape, and fled to the UK in 2004
where she claimed asylum.

Last week a medical assessment reported that, as a result of the
repeated rape and torture, she is suffering from severe health
problems, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and recommended
that she should be sectioned.

Tonight, Sunday, 11th June, despite protests to the Chief Executive
of British Airways, Willie Walsh, she is believed to have been
deported on flight BA063
at 19:25 from Terminal Four to Uganda. Her friends fear that this deportation
will have fatal consequences for her.

It is inconceivable that someone who has sought protection and asylum in this country from rape and torture and w…

Murder at Haditha

[Col. Writ. 6/2/06] Copyright '06 Mumia Abu-Jamal

In the last few days the name Haditha has emerged as a place of death, carnage, mass murder, and of the latest American massacre.

The news that U.S. soldiers went into the Sunni town and, after attacked by i.e.d.s (improvised explosive devices), proceeded to slaughter several dozen men, women, and children -- all of whom were unarmed Iraqi civilians -- is going around the world at the speed of light.

The Haditha Massacre happened over 6 months ago (in late November, 2005) and the Army's response is -- sensitivity training.

We have come a long way from the days of the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, where U.S. Army troops slaughtered hundreds of defenseless villagers; old men, women, babies -- even animals.

Instead of hundreds, it's now dozens.

That's a kind of progress, isn't it?

And yet, massacres have a way of clarifying things; of showing us the na…

Don't let Bush's henchmen kill Mumia

Mumia is once again under threat of execution, please help the campaign to save him from execution in Philadelphia.





Free Mumia Abu-Jamal !

The State of Pennsylvania has recently filed its appeal seeking to reinstate the order to execute Mumia. If their appeal is upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has pledged to sign the third warrant for Mumia's execution. Barring the unlikely intervention of the U.S. Supreme Court, Mumia will have 90 days to live!

Pennsylvania authorities are dead set on winning. They, along with the Fraternal Order of Police, are campaigning to bring the matter to national attention.

The Fraternal Order of Police and their collaborators in the media and among politicians have been on the rampage since the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that there were two issues Mumia could appeal on that might lead to a new trial. These forces insist tha…


Writing about Trotsky is risky, Tony Blair loves not only Cliff Richards, George Bush and nuclear power but has claimed to be a fan of Deutscher's biography. I guess there are a minority of Greens who believe that ecosocialists like me belong to some kind of 'sect', writing about Trotsky will also fuel David Icke conspiracy links between me and the Bilderbergs but here goes, these are my thoughts on Trotsky, a version of this went into red pepper.

I think perhaps lamely that while he was an advance on Stalin, he was far from grassroots democratic....I am unaware of anything environmental from his pen, Marx and Engels were great generally on ecology and even Lenin supported wildlife parks, Trotsky I may be wrong but I don't think he was even the slightest shade of green

The Prophet Armed, The Prophet Unarmed, The Prophet Outcast. Isaac Deutscher 2004 (1963) Verso. London.

I must admit that I have been fascinated by Marxism for twenty years but never read more than a lin…