15 May 2007

McDonnell falls....

It seems churlish to comment on other parties leadership campaigns, I am in another political party and famously we have no leader...all very web 2.0 democratic and fun.

Ming, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown....tempting? I don't think so.

Having two speakers one female and one male (me!) gives gender balance and generates more publicity than one figure.

If you want to challenge me or Sian, you need to be a member for two years and get 10 signatures from members. Easy

The Labour Party will I hope have a contest, they are the governing party and if they fail to have a contest this is very bad for democracy. Yes I would love them to get rid of the leader, have a PM job share ...with the male and female figures, (my party political interests require them to be only moderately charasmatic and radical)and instead of telling everybody what to do to put forward a democratically agreed manifesto.

I will never join the Labour Party, we need the Greens! but it would be nice if they played the democratic role not the managed democracy role of a party political oligarchy.

Well I could be wrong, John could get the signatures and on Venezuela alone he says some things that I am sympathetic to but, I suspect that the room for the left in the Labour Party is small. Not just the left but free and flexible thinkers of all kinds.

Less spin more thought is necessary to build an ecological, socially just, grassroots democractic and peaceful future. Incidentally you might think these are the four key principles of ecosocialists in the Green Party like me, you would be wrong they are the cornerstones of the Manifesto for a Sustainable Society agreed at conference and supported by our members.

Here is what I found on the Labour Party web site

As of 6pm on 15 May John has so far received the following MP nominations and supporting nominations from MEPs, CLPs and affiliated organisations:

MP nominations

Abbott MP, Diane Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Campbell MP, Ronnie Blyth Valley
Caton MP, Martin Gower
Clapham MP, Michael Barnsley West and Penistone
Clark MP, Katy North Ayrshire and Arran
Cohen MP, Harry Leyton and Wanstead
Cook MP, Frank Stockton North
Corbyn MP, Jeremy Islington North
Cryer MP, Ann Keighley
Drew MP, David Stroud
Etherington MP, Bill Sunderland North
Fisher MP, Mark Stoke-on-Trent Central
Flynn MP, Paul Newport West
Gerrard MP, Neil Walthamstow
Gibson MP, Dr Ian Norwich North
Heyes MP, David Ashton-under-Lyne
Hopkins MP, Kelvin Luton North
Jones MP, Lynne Birmingham, Selly Oak
McDonnell MP, John Hayes and Harlington
Meacher MP, Rt Hon Michael Oldham West and Royton
Prentice MP, Gordon Pendle
Riordan MP, Linda Halifax
Simpson MP, Alan Nottingham South
Skinner MP, Dennis Bolsover
Taylor MP, David North West Leicestershire
Wareing MP, Robert N. Liverpool, West Derby
Wood MP, Mike Batley and Spen

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Lizardboy said...

It'll be interesting if Brown gets elected by default that the PM will be selected with easily less direct votes than any individual member of the Green Party Executive!

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