24 May 2007

Rats to rubbish

Rubbish is incendiary, with voters complaining about micro chipped bins and weekly collections going fortnightly.

It looks like rubbish charging is coming in as well.

An academic paper could be written on the Brown governments approach to the environment, I a bit skeptical of academic papers at present, but in the same way we had the term 'ecological modernism' may be we could have the term 'green Brownism'.

so we have giant projects, centralised decision making and an emphasis on economic expansion, not very 'Small is Beautiful'.

And its all about charging and tax.

Do we get 'the climate change situation is so serious, we are make bus travel free' no we get let's go nuclear, Radley Lakes will be on the side of the Didcot nuclear power station, and build all over the countryside.

Rubbish, lets get proper kerb side collection and worm bins or green cones or organic collection from sealed boxes for all.

lets outlaw plastic bags (Brown refrain, Miliband's chant 'plastic bag ban radical..incinerator toxic fly ash lovely').

At present all organic at home goes in the compost or worm bin.

paper, glass, metals and plastics recycled by the local authority.

We need this every where: zero waste.

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