27 May 2007

Peter Tatchell punched and arrested

Green Party Speaker Dr Derek Wall condemns arrest of Peter Tatchell

Peter, a very brave man, has I am told been arrested in Moscow during the Gay Pride protest, Pink News shot this picture of him being attacked.

Gay rights are of course human rights and like so many other issues have to be fought for in 2007 just like in the 1970s and 80s.

Russia and Eastern Europe are increasingly scary in terms of human rights.

It's shocking that Peter rather than his attackers has been arrested.

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has been attacked by anti-gay protesters in Moscow.

Right Said Fred singer Richard Fairbrass was also punched in the face while giving a TV interview.

Both were there to support today’s banned gay rights march in the city. The BBC reports Mr Tatchell has been arrested.

for bbc see here


Jim Jay said...

Tatchel is a very impressive and brave man - and, from the reports on the radio, it sounds like the police were complicit in the attack rather than simply refusing to do their duty.

I also heard Richard Fairbrass's name mentioned (as someone who was attacked0 as well as Tatu.

Reuters report here

Anonymous said...

Shame on the Russian Authorities.

I have my disagreements with the man, but he has to be admired for having the courage to stand up (in such dangerous circumstances) for what he believes in!

Jane Ennis said...

Such admiration for Peter's courage! What can we do to support him?

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I found his response to his assault to be a bit embarrasing and the very opposite of brave. Don't go to other countries and tell the people how to be!

Derek Wall said...

its called solidarity and we all need it when we are attacked by those with narrow minds and wide insecurities.

I wish I had Peter's courage..

Anonymous said...

tatchel got what he deserved, a thorough beating. actually htey should inflicted more tan an eye bruise to teach him a great lesson

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