17 May 2007

No-one has ever heard of Sufi terrorism.

No-one has ever heard of Sufi terrorism. Everyone, enemies included, knows that the very idea is absurd.

Two years ago, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, warned of the dangers of mass terrorism to American cities; and he was brushed aside as a dangerous alarmist. Muslim organisations are no doubt beginning to regret their treatment of him. The movement for traditional Islam will, we hope, become enormously strengthened in the aftermath of the recent events, accompanied by a mass exodus from Wahhabism, leaving behind only a merciless hardcore of well-financed zealots. Those who have tried to take over the controls of Islam, after reading books from we-know-where, will have to relinquish them, because we now know their destination.

This is from Tim Winters, Cambridge University lecturer in Islam, he also goes by the name of Abdal-Hakim Murad and preaches friday prayer in a Cambridge Mosque. He is the big name when it comes to 'neo-traditional Islam' in the UK, advocating a tolerant sufism. I guess there are things I would disagree with him about but as we know the Sufi strain of Islam is important and he writes with great flair and clarity.

This piece is about September 11th and I guess those of you familar with his work will have read it before but I think it is important to flag up to new audiences as part of the debate for those of us who reject both Islamphobia and reactionary forms of Islam.

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Unknown said...

you are a good advocate of Islam, but what about Allah, he smiles about...
But we see 'takfir'among muslims and again it is a sign of time period ends, we invite you to learn more.... like about KARMA, its mentioned in Surah 'Zilzal'(99)
of Qur'an.
send empty mail to
truthefendi-subscribe@googlegroups.com and
to send and find truth with humour.
You are HAKIM and Allah is and it needs Humour to understand Qadr.
Here an article:

The most dangerous things in Islam are pictures, here on to make us understand, why no pictures, because we want spirit, truth, NO ILAHI, NO PICTURES - La ilaha illalah

where is Bin Laden?, St. George is daily in TV, it is his job, to make people believing in something-God bless Amerika- with the Masoni-One eye on Pharaos Pyramide. Now we found this Picture in Pakistan on a street, no it was Austria.

St. George and Bin-bin met secretly on 9/11, when osama was in US, where is the Baby? How can we trust politians from now, if they are doing such shameful things public, is there no shariat in Pakistan, people have to do this in their houses, private to get the blessings of Allah on it, where has this Ummah gone, Muhammad (sas) was not a gay, he had 12 wives, who has 12 wives in US ?

Click on http://groups.google.com/group/pakistan-welcome/web/both-are-doing-shameful-things-and-how-to-take-picture-and-to-publish-it?hl=en - or copy & paste it into your browser's address bar if that doesn't work.

Spirituality and Hospitality is great in Pakistan, country in the traditions of Abraham, Moses, Jesus finally Muhammad (sas), all of them loved Pakistan a meetingpoint for Spirit, culture and people, step in and wait for others to come, post to

Anonymous said...

sufi are usally the mujahideen and that is known among realists. terrorism is not necessarily part of sufism but taliban and bin ladin are sufis.

the wahabi connections to bin ladin are so strange, the deobandis are connected to sufi orders. it would seem that thing are upside down and backwards in all of islam, to the point that few muslims know what connections exist and how they exist. i feel sorry for muslims that do not sit back and let them selves be deceived by sufism or any other sect.
i find the nashabandis to be so unislamic and i can see kabbani playing in american politics and stiring trouble so to connet sufis to terrorism is not farfetched and to distrust kabbani is realistic.
i have known a few sufis that are so beyond reality that they defend bin ladin and anything that mujahideen do.
the american idea of a terrorist is a mujahideen. this is why i rejected hadith and only follow al-quran and stay away from the masjid. the lurer to follow socalled imams and sheiks is easy. but we do not need them or hadith or sharia for that matter. modern islam is Christianized crap with it's false notions of salat and prayer and it's own talmud called hadith.

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