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Free Papua from Do or Die!

Benny Wenda from the West Papua Movement

The article below is a golden oldie from 'Do or Die' the people who quite rightly think I am a sell out who isn't tough enough on the essentials of green politics, critical enough of the 'realos', etc, etc.

Do or Die....a very interesting publication indeed, set up by the radicals, the spikies of Earth First! (UK)....all on line for free, you won't regret a look. No right wing Malthusian bullshit from these people, pretty solid support for direct action and against capitalism.

Radicals put pressure on progressives who try to embarrass the friends of the 'military-industrial complex', agree or disagree, the anarchists are a necessary part of the eco-system.

This is back ground on West Papua. To support the free papua movement click here.

lets face it serious politics is about Iraq or West Papua, even letting people know a little bit more is important

Rumble in the Jungle
Fighting for Freedom in West Papua
This interview…

UCU backs boycott of Israel

Delegates at the first conference of the new University and College Union in Bournemouth voted by more than three to two to recommend boycotts in protest at Israel's "40-year occupation" of Palestinian land and to condemn the "complicity" of Israeli academics.

Storm of protest I guess will arrive and all the right wing trolls will be cancelling their holiday time to get on the blog o sphere.

Very proud of Caroline Lucas MEP showing such courage in supporting Palestine, I guess her visits to Palestine (one good excuse for flying!)where she has seen the damage done by Israeli occupation and aftermath have given her a lot of food for thought.

A peaceful Middle East demands justice.

So yes this member of the UCU supports the boycott and so do many of us in the UK concerned with justice and sustainable peace.

The conference motion said there should be "a comprehensive and consistent boycott" of all Israeli academic institutions, as called for by Palestinian tra…
Green Party supports calls for an academic boycott of Israeli

The largest trade union for university and FE staff, the University
and College Union, will today consider proposals to boycott Israeli
Academic Institutions and condemn the 'complicity of Israeli academia
in the occupation.'

The text of the motion notes that "Israel's 40-year occupation has
seriously damaged the fabric of Palestinian society through
annexation, illegal settlement, collective punishment and restriction
of movement ... deplores the denial of educational rights for
Palestinians ... and believes that in these circumstances passivity
or neutrality is unacceptable."

Dr. Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker and UCU member commented:

"As a member of the UCU, I teach as a visiting tutor at Goldsmiths
College, I have long supported the academic boycott. It is important
to act in solidarity with Palestine. Israel is crushing Palestinian
hopes everyday, the boycot…

Green Party calls for travel ban on Moscow

Please support this call.

Green Party principal speaker Dr. Derek Wall said in a statement: “This type of police action simply confirms that human rights are not respected in President Putin’s Russia.

“Russia, as a member of the Council of Europe and a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, has a responsibility to allow its citizens the right to peaceful protest.”

He said that European democracies must do everything they can to ensure that “Russia does not shirk that responsibility”.

“In this case, EU countries should impose a travel ban on Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, just as they did on Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko because of his appalling human right record.

“The EU is a force for anti-discrimination, and Green MEPs have been at the forefront of promoting new policies to ensure equal employment and partnership rights across the EU.

“The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) population deserves political allies who will work with us to benefit our commu…

Last act in Iraq?

Is it Bosworth Field time for George Bush, the neo-cons and New Labour in Iraq?

Could an unwinnable war be won by the Iraqi resistance?

Well from Northern Europe who knows really. Some things are apparent in the mists.

Firstly, clearly this is more like Vietnam than Puerto Rico for the US, clearly there is no US military solution. Kidnappings, US deaths and citizen casualities accelerate. The 'surge' has clearly failed and there are a number of other new developments.

Sadr has called for unity between Sunni and Shia resistance against all foreign occupying forces and there are reports that Sunni military leaders are listening.

Sunni assaults on Al Queda will if true make Sunni/Shia unity a stronger possibility.

Turkey is increasingly concerned with the threat from the free Kurdish informal state in Northern Iraq and may intervene military, causing chaos.

Greens need to be calling all the more strongly for an end to occupation, against Turkish intervention and against US threats to …


Date: Sunday 10th June 2007
Time: 2.15pm to 4.45pm
Venue: 4nd Floor, Muslim World League, 46 Goodge Street, London, W1T 4LU (entrance on the corner of Charlotte Street); Nearest Tubes: Goodge Street (Northern Line) ; Warren Street (Victoria Line) ;

Join us for a relaxed afternoon of listening to poetry, verses from the Qur'an and Hadith, through which we will explore the natural world, the human condition and what ecology and the environmental crisis means to us. We encourage you to bring a short piece of text which has a strong resonance for you and that you would like to read aloud to others. As always, this will be followed by discussions on past and planned environmental projects, with opportunities to take part for those who would like to. As usual no charge and open to all.

LINE contact info: Web: ;
Streetmap : Click here

Mayor of London protest against Moscow homophobia

lets all say thank you to Ken for this act of solidarity

Dear Mayor Luzhkov,

"I am writing to convey my deep concern at the reported physical violence against, and arrest of, Peter Tatchell, a Parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in Britain, and other supporters of lesbian and gay rights, during their participation in an event in Moscow seeking to present a petition to you to lift a ban on the Gay Pride parade in Moscow.

"I have known Peter Tatchell for many years and know him to be a person committed exclusively to peaceful political activity.

"I would urge you to use your good offices to seek the lifting of all charges against Mr Tatchell and his fellow demonstrators.

"I would also urge you to resolve the root cause of this protest by lifting the ban on the Gay Pride parade in Moscow in line with the practice of most cities throughout the world."

Yours sincerely,

Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London

Protest at Moscow march attacks by police

The Russian organisers of the march and other Russian citizens who took part are still being held in custody and I would ask Green Party members to write to the Russian authorities about this and the violent attack on those trying to organise the march. Furthermore, the vicious attacks on Peter Tatchell and on Volker Beck, the German Green MP, and others requires a protest from the UK authorities and elected representatives, including the Mayor of London, who frequently shares platforms with the Mayor of Moscow.

email address for Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow:

email address for Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London: .

However, the link at to doesn't seem to be working.


Details of elected representatives can be found at .

Peter's MP is Simon Hughes, [Lib.Dem.], Nor…

Anti-capitalist blog

Mr. Lebeziatnikov who keeps up with modern ideas explained the other day that compassion is forbidden nowadays by science itself, and that that's what is done now in England, where there is political economy. (Dostoevsky 1993: 14)

Over successive days I am going to blog from my book Babylon and Beyond, So you can read and comment on my ideas for free. Thanks for the person at the Brighton real alternatives to capitalism meeting, who said 'why don't you put it on the web'.

Babylon and Beyond can be bought, I know buying things is a bit last millenium but if you must, here and here and here.

I would love it if you ordered copies for your local public library. This is the sacred principle, prosperity without pollution, increasing access rather than the cycle of production - consumption - profit - garbage.

Babylon is two things:

1) An outline of different forms of anti-capitalist economics. Moving from the ideas of capitalist anti-capitalist like George Soros and Joseph Stigl…

Peter Tatchell punched and arrested

Green Party Speaker Dr Derek Wall condemns arrest of Peter Tatchell

Peter, a very brave man, has I am told been arrested in Moscow during the Gay Pride protest, Pink News shot this picture of him being attacked.

Gay rights are of course human rights and like so many other issues have to be fought for in 2007 just like in the 1970s and 80s.

Russia and Eastern Europe are increasingly scary in terms of human rights.

It's shocking that Peter rather than his attackers has been arrested.

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has been attacked by anti-gay protesters in Moscow.

Right Said Fred singer Richard Fairbrass was also punched in the face while giving a TV interview.

Both were there to support today’s banned gay rights march in the city. The BBC reports Mr Tatchell has been arrested.

for bbc see here

Local Food production is possible

In Havana, over 90 per cent of perishable produce is grown within or near the city limits.
It’s been good for the Cuban national diet too, with the incidence of vegetarianism and vegetable-rich diets on the rise, proving that when natural, sustainable food production is part of the fabric of life, people are more inclined to eat well.
It’s still not a perfect system.
As mentioned above, not everyone gets a bite of this bounty and Cuba is still working on extending the green revolution to the most needy in their society.
But Cuba’s experience does show that the conversion from an oil-dependent economy to a post-hydrocarbon one can be achieved, even in the most straitened circumstances.
There are, however, clouds on the horizon.
In 2000, US president Bill Clinton lifted the trade embargo. At least to the extent that Cuba could now buy from the US, though the reverse was not true.
In 2002, despite Cuba being by then self-sufficient in food, the Cuban government purchased $91.9million in food an…


Open sourced ( I mean free softwared) this from Rising Tide.

Although the location is different,to 2006, the philosophy of the camp
remains the same: to be a place for the burgeoning network of people
taking radical action on climate change around the country to come
together for a week of low-impact living, education, debate, networking,
strategising, celebration and direct action. The camp will feature over
100 workshops covering topics such as climate change impacts, carbon
offsetting, biofuels, peak oil, permaculture, practical renewables,
campaign strategy, skills for direct action, and much more. Run without
leaders by everyone who comes along, it will be a working ecological
village using renewable energy, composting waste and sourcing food

It all comes down to us, now. We are the last generation that can do
anything about climate change. In 20 or 30 years time, should we not
change o…

Archaeology and vegetarianism

Well I am a Dr of political sociology not medicine, so I can't advise the person who mailed in about diet and diabetes I am afraid.

Vegetarianism and vegan seem of interest, here is something I wrote in 1988 after finishing my archaeology degree.

The Diet of Early Humans
Vegetarianism and Archaeology

Derek Wall examines the "mighty hunter" myth of human ancestry
from The Vegetarian, September/October 1988, published by The Vegetarian Society UK:

Archaeology and vegetarianism are, at first sight, a rather unlikely combination; most people if asked to consider the diet of our ancestors would tend to conjure up images of cavemen roasting mammoth steaks or early medieval monarchs spitting venison over a roaring fire, not a lentil in sight. Many academics have taken these simplistic visions to their logical and dangerous conclusion; to argue, that in the past we have eaten meat, therefore eating meat is 'natural' and that vegetarianism is an unhealthy regression to th…

Stop the bloody whaling

It is crucial that attempts by pro-whaling nations of the IWC to gerrymander the process by getting landlocked coutries to support them in the face of widespread opposition fail.

nuclear power, whaling, imperialist war, Trident...the things we fought in the 1970s and 1980s we fight today.

politics is endless struggle, green politics doubly so.

Whaling commission must stand firm on moratorium
25th May 2007

Attempts by pro-whaling nations to gerrymander the process must fail

The 59th meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Anchorage, Alaska, from May 28-31 must stand firm in the face of renewed attempts to weaken or scrap the moratorium on commercial whaling, the Green Party has said.

Dr. Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker today spoke in advance of the meeting:

"Whaling is a premeditated, deliberate and unnecessary cause of animal suffering. It is not justified even if supposedly undertaken as 'scientific research' or 'subsistence hunting' rather than f…

Leaderless resistance is fun!

Jenny Jones, an elected Green Party politician (for those of you surfing from the USA, etc) writes on direct action diy culture.

leaderless resistance is fun!

Just think what would happen if critical mass had one person running it (they would be jail for a start).

Critical Mass is more than a coincidence of cyclists travelling in the same direction. It is a little cultural gem in London life which has its place alongside Banksy's graffiti and Brian Haw's hats. It is one of those mixed up expressions of dissent, fun and celebration which doesn't fit with the usual definitions of political protest. OK, it's also untidy and slightly chaotic at times, but London was born that way. That is why the police are having such trouble controlling the event and I suspect it also explains why they are clearly determined to try.

For over a decade cyclists have gathered near the National Theatre at Waterloo for a once a month procession through central London's congested streets, nea…

Rats to rubbish

Rubbish is incendiary, with voters complaining about micro chipped bins and weekly collections going fortnightly.

It looks like rubbish charging is coming in as well.

An academic paper could be written on the Brown governments approach to the environment, I a bit skeptical of academic papers at present, but in the same way we had the term 'ecological modernism' may be we could have the term 'green Brownism'.

so we have giant projects, centralised decision making and an emphasis on economic expansion, not very 'Small is Beautiful'.

And its all about charging and tax.

Do we get 'the climate change situation is so serious, we are make bus travel free' no we get let's go nuclear, Radley Lakes will be on the side of the Didcot nuclear power station, and build all over the countryside.

Rubbish, lets get proper kerb side collection and worm bins or green cones or organic collection from sealed boxes for all.

lets outlaw plastic bags (Brown refrain, Miliband's…

500 today

Thus Brown is keen to loosen up the planning process to build roads, incinerators, nuclear power stations and airports but uses the carrot of windfarms to justify on environmental grounds the necessity of ripping up planning law...

Watch this space, there is going to be a lot of opposition to Prime Minister Brown from people across the spectrum who feel that the environment is an excuse simply to tax them and control them.

Well my my 500 today, these blog enteries have been mounting up nicely since April 2006.

and shockingly I am a day or two off of 42, god how did I get to 42. It must be all the beer and Bolivars (for those not in the know you smoke them)...

Highlights (of the blog not my last 41 years in totalt) include ital food, too drunk to fuck says vote green in local elections, lots of Carcas stuff, various edicts instructing you all to practice zen, regular Green Party Principal Speaker stuff since I won the hard fought contest in November.

How long will it take me to get to 1,00…

'Climate Change in the UK and South Asia'

Had this from Jagdeesh Singh who is a long term animal rights and green campaigner.

This from him in his professional capacity.

Looking at Sustainable Development: What Can the South Asian Community do?

'Climate Change in the UK and South Asia',
Monica Saini, London Sustainability Exchange

'The British Asian Community tackling Poverty in South Asia',
Nimmi Unadhkat, Asian Foundation for Philanthropy

Thursday 24th May 2007, 6pm
10 High Street, Southall, Middlesex UB1 3DA

Book attendance in advance!
CONTACT: Janpal Basran, 020-8574-885 |

Jagdeesh Singh, Programme Co-ordinator,
London 21 - | t. 0208-968-4601 | 07876-751577

LONDON 21 promotes, supports & networks community-based action for a green, healthy & equitable London.
15th annual veggie week, apparently the Vegetarian Society are asking political 'leaders' to give up 'dead animals' fried, battered, on toast,etc for a week.

A hiding to nothing, I suspect that Ming and the Gordon will be tucking into their steaks as usual.

Will David Cameron give up pork for 7 days, well at least hopefully he is too busy to kill Bambi's mum for a week.

In the Green Party we have no leader, but Sian and I are 'substitutes', I have been vegetarian since 1986...but Sian eats meat on occassions and is giving up for a week.

Good for her...

Alex Salmond, well a few key green votes in the lobby, might force him on to the moral high ground.

Sinn Fein, well Martin McGuinness, used to work for a butcher in Derry, so may be not.

The unionists I don't think so.

Nigel Farage of UKIP, well stranger things have happened.

I am going vegan for a week, will I fall off the wagon and have a dairylea moment, watch this space...

Well even if you cut down or go for lo…

Rail fare rises punishes those who want to cut carbon emissions

South West Trains market dominance has allowed them to exploit their passengers.

"They are creating another, unfair tier of rail fares. As it stands, it's expensive to travel before 10, and cheaper after. Now, it will still be out of reach for most people to travel to London before midday.

"This price rise sends the wrong message, consumers who want to cut their carbon emissions are being priced off the railways and on to the roads, adding to congestion and pollution.

"For those of us who don't drive Stage coach, the SW train operators, monopoly power is going to hit us hard in the pocket.

More from me here

Looks very bad in terms of the news on global ecology, the Oceans seem to be losing their ability to absorb carbon dioxide effeciently, this is extremely worrying.
"This is the first time that we’ve been able to say that climate change itself is responsible for the saturation of the Southern Ocean sink. This is serious," said lead author Dr. Corinne Le Qu…

The Shelter

As panic ensues, The doctor locks himself and his family into his basement bomb shelter. The same gathering of friends becomes hysterical and now wants to occupy the shelter. All of the previous friendliness has vanished and is now replaced with bitter hate, and soaring desperation as pent-up hostility and suppressed emotions boil to the surface

Well at home with the kids.

Do you want curry for breakfast..'yes Dad'.

I and quite a few other people I know have become obssessed with the fact that breakfast cereals are a social construct...with all social constructs, if you don't like them and life seems more fun, chuck em out and start again.

Rip it up and start again.

As you know from previous blogs there are two sources of my antipathy to flakes of corn, etc, in packets.

1) The whole post-modern academic trip, if you work, study or clean for too little pay in the world of academia, you will have come across conference posters for events such as 'plumbing for post-humans' …

Life beyond McDonnell for the left?

McDonnell campaigned for trade union freedom and for council-house building, important policies which we in the Greens support as a way of creating a more equal society. He spoke out against the madness of the Iraq war, Trident and the arms trade. He acknowledged the severity of the ecological crisis, most obviously in the form of climate change.

Above all, he recognised that Gordon Brown represents, even more than Tony Blair, a politics obsessed with the free-market dogmas of PFIs, privatisation and worship of corporate heroes. For the most sensible of McDonnell's ideas to win through, despite his defeat, campaigning outside of the Labour party will be necessary.

What next for the Labour Party radicals? Read more here.

Ten myths about Blair

6. He made climate change a world issue

Tony Blair regularly made the claim that "Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing our planet today”. But what did he actually do about this? It was, he claimed ne of the great benefits of his special relationship with George Bush that he could influence American policy and bring them on board for Kyoto. This never happened. While early noises were positive nothing came of this. In fact its possible to chart the influence the other way from the US onto the UK policy. In 2005 he said (on 15 September at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York) : “I’m changing my thinking about this.” Adding: “no country is going to cut its growth or consumption substantially in the light of a long-term environmental problem”; instead, what countries would be prepared to do is “develop the science and technology in a beneficial way.” The main question, Blair argued, was how to put incentives in place to do that, in circumstanc…

No-one has ever heard of Sufi terrorism.

No-one has ever heard of Sufi terrorism. Everyone, enemies included, knows that the very idea is absurd.

Two years ago, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, warned of the dangers of mass terrorism to American cities; and he was brushed aside as a dangerous alarmist. Muslim organisations are no doubt beginning to regret their treatment of him. The movement for traditional Islam will, we hope, become enormously strengthened in the aftermath of the recent events, accompanied by a mass exodus from Wahhabism, leaving behind only a merciless hardcore of well-financed zealots. Those who have tried to take over the controls of Islam, after reading books from we-know-where, will have to relinquish them, because we now know their destination.

This is from Tim Winters, Cambridge University lecturer in Islam, he also goes by the name of Abdal-Hakim Murad and preaches friday prayer in a Cambridge Mosque. He is the big name when it comes to 'neo-traditional Islam'…

McDonnell falls....

It seems churlish to comment on other parties leadership campaigns, I am in another political party and famously we have no leader...all very web 2.0 democratic and fun.

Ming, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown....tempting? I don't think so.

Having two speakers one female and one male (me!) gives gender balance and generates more publicity than one figure.

If you want to challenge me or Sian, you need to be a member for two years and get 10 signatures from members. Easy

The Labour Party will I hope have a contest, they are the governing party and if they fail to have a contest this is very bad for democracy. Yes I would love them to get rid of the leader, have a PM job share ...with the male and female figures, (my party political interests require them to be only moderately charasmatic and radical)and instead of telling everybody what to do to put forward a democratically agreed manifesto.

I will never join the Labour Party, we need the Greens! but it would be nice if they playe…
Polish homophobia - Protest 17 May

Oppose Poland's version of Section 28

Protest to the Polish Ambassador

London – UK

Poland's new Education Bill includes a Section 28-style clause that
will outlaw any objective, factual or sympathetic mention of
homosexuality in schools. It is feared gay teachers may be sacked.

Thursday 17 May 2007
12 noon to 2pm
Polish Embassy, 47 Portland Place, London W1B 1JH (nearest tube Oxford Circus).

Everyone welcome.

If you cannot attend, email your protest to the Polish Embassy:

Thursday's protest is one of a worldwide series of protests in over 50
countries to mark IDAHO – the International Day Against Homophobia, on
17 May 2007.

The London demo is organised by the British Youth Council, and is
supported by the LGBTI human rights group OutRage! and by IDAHO.

"We condemn rising homophobia in Poland and the increased persecution
of Poland's lesbian and gay citizens," said David Allison of O…



PROTEST tomorrow, Tuesday 15th May, from 8.30 am till 12 noon, at
Novotel London -West Hotel and Convention Centre, Hammersmith

Green Party Principal Speaker Dr. Derek Wall today announced his
support for tomorrow's demonstration at the Shell AGM in London,
organized by Hands Off Iraqi Oil. (1)

Shell has played a major role in influencing Iraq’s controversial new
Oil Law, which would allow long-term contracts with foreign oil
companies to be signed while Iraq is still under occupation.
The oil law proposes giving multinational companies the primary role
in developing Iraq's huge untapped oilfields, under contracts lasting
up to 30 years. It is one of President Bush's 'benchmarks' for Iraq -
the various criteria of successes that he has drawn up which may
effect both the number of troops in Iraq and any funding for
rebuilding of Iraq's infrastructure.

Dr Derek Wall said:

"Iraq has the w…

Progress advancing with the tread of the conqueror

I saw the forests of Ilom burning at the turn of the century. It's progress advancing with the tread of the conqueror, Colonel Godoy used to explain real poetical, as he stood before all those rows of precious timber being turned into flaming brands, smoke and ash, because it was progress that was turning trees into firewood - mahoganies, primaveras, sapodillas, ceibas, pines, eucalyptuses, cedars - and because justice had come to the forest with the authority of the sword, as blows rained everywhere and on everyone...

I am reading Ecocriticism, the school of criticism that applies ecological concern to literature...a bit euro-centric so far.

lets go latin...try this for a start.

The metabolism between humanity and the soil, showing that social forces, property, accumulation, enclosure...cut down the trees...

Those nets - the Indians were even right about that, curse them! You should have seen what this land was like when they were cultivating it rationally. You don't need much…

Derek Wall today responded to Gordon Brown's Eco-towns announcement

Co housing green homes in Stroud
NEWS: Green Party in England & Wales

Green Party Principal Speaker Dr. Derek Wall today responded to Gordon Brown's Eco-towns announcement:

"Even if these towns are as environmentally friendly as promised, we are still talking about building 100,000 new homes across the UK - which will have a devastating impact on our environment.

"In England alone, there are almost 700 000 empty homes. (1) We desperately need to see better use of empty privately owned property - through empowering local authorities to use Empty Property Use Orders, in appropriate cases and with proper safeguards and rights of appeal.

"In this way, the Green Party would give priority to the maintenance and improvement of existing properties before new house building is considered. This should be the first step towards creating an affordable housing market.

"It is also crucial that the government look at provision of social housing. In recent years, this…

Commons: Green Political Theory and the State

‘it is noticeable how many conversations about green politics very soon dry up when the issue of change is broached’ (Dobson 1990: 130).

found this, forgot I was on about the majesty of the commons in 1992, boring people at yesterday's climate change conference with this stuff.

This was a paper given at the Political Studies Association conference in Swansea, my then partner went on holiday in Italy leaving me behind, I had an infection and to be honest I have never been felt very safe with academics since....less polish than it could be and I am sure if i read it line by line I would object to my naiveity, post-humanism when I meant care about other species....too much hanging around with academics blunts ones thought, damages prose and neuters the politics

Anyway Defend extend deepen the commons is still the slogan....along with the continuing FCUK the realos...

goldsmith et a is Nick Hildyard et al and those great people now at cornerhouse...more on 'men of maize' on monda…