10 Nov 2010


Sunday 14th November, 11am - 4pm
LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES (Whitechapel)

It's becoming clear that we live in times of struggle. To foster a movement where we learn from and support each other, Climate Camp London has organised an anti-cuts skill share. The day is aimed at trade unionists, activists, strikers and trouble makers, in which people from different political backgrounds can share the skills they have and learn new ones they don't.

The sessions include trainings on: group facilitation, legal observers, blockading, public (dis)order situations, labour law, organising in your workplace, unions and industrial agitation.

We hope that this will chance to meet new people as well, so please advertise this sessions to activists and unionists alike, and encourage people to come along if they want to beat the cuts, but feel they need some more practical knowledge to do so.

Climate Camp London
Collective Learning And Skill Share group (CLASS)
contact: london@climatecamp.org.uk

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