1 Nov 2010

Anti-cuts meeting in Newcastle

Just had this from Alex, cheers amigo.

Final reminder: this Wednesday, 7pm, public meeting in Newcastle
Challenging the cuts consensus: there is an alternative

Coalition of Resistance public meeting with a range of local campaigners - including Clare Williams, chair of Northern Public Services Alliance and regional convenor of Unison. See Event page for more info.

THIS Wednesday (3 Nov), 7pm, at Newcastle Arts Centre, 69 Westgate Road, NE1 1SG.

10 Coalition of Resistance supporters helped give out flyers, publicising the meeting, at Saturday's city centre stall. They report a fantastic response. A press release has been circulated today, flyers were distributed at Newcastle Uni on Friday, and an invite has gone out to many union branches.

Please help ensure everyone knows this meeting is happening - pass on the info and invite people to attend in the last couple of days before the event.

See you on Wednesday...

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