10 Nov 2010

Tank the Tory HQ?

Just saw this, echoes my thoughts, although I think it would have been more appropriate to occupy Liberal Democrat HQ. real violence is 60% cut to university teaching fund.

Lib dems are scum, education for them is just for corporations and profit. If it helps society but does not make a quick profit they want to close it down.

If you know any Liberal Democrats let them know your feelings.

I am writing in response to coverage of the NUS/UCU demo today on the Guardian website against fee increases etc. I have to say (as a university lecturer) that it is long overdue: at last we have had a powerful riposte to the Con-Dem attacks on the welfare state. If any innocent bystander was hurt, that is regrettable; but the fact that Tory HQ was trashed does not present, as far as I am concerned, the slightest moral problem. By comparison with the harm that the Tories are wreaking on the most vulnerable people in Britain, it is small beer. It may be a cheap comment, but I'm sure Lord Ashcroft will pick up the bill. When I was a student in the 1980s, mass protest was not unusual; in France, it still isn't. Hopefully, this is the beginning of Britain beginning to learn that if we want to defend our welfare state, we'll have to fight for it

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Anonymous said...

Since when are students the downtrodden masses?

And in comparison with Ireland the cuts here are small beer – does that make Greens scum too?

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