17 Dec 2010


An election was held for a vacant council seat in the Tower Hamlets Borough ward of Spitalfields and Banglatown on Thursday, 16 December 2010.

The result of the election was as follows:
•Abdul Alim, Labour Party - 553 votes 37.21%
•Jewel Chowdhury, Independent - 28 votes 1.88%
•Magaret Ann Crosbie, The Green Party - 52 votes 3.5%
•Fozol Miah, Respect - 666 votes (elected) 44.82%
•Ferdy North, Liberal Democrats - 33 votes 2.22%
•Matthew James Smith, Conservative Party - 135 votes 9.08%

Number of ballot papers spoilt: 19

Interesting result.

Modest vote but glad to see Green candidate the excellent Maggie Crosbie beat those neo-liberal democrats.

Interesting but I suspect Tower Hamlets has its own micro politics, lovely to see the Lib Dems do so badly when they used to turn the Borough.

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