26 Feb 2011

Socialist Joe Higgins wins in Dublin West as John Gormley loses in Dublin South East

Glad to see this!

Joe Higgins is on 8,304 and needs 8,495.

As its an STV election he is guaranteed to win on transfers.

He is the veteran Socialist Party activist, presently an MEP.

John Gormley is on 6.7% but the Green Party leader will lose in Dublin South East

Fine Gael are going to win and will be just as bad as Fianna Fail but the left are doing well.

Ireland is ruled by the IMF and the ECB, if you don't take to the streets you get smashed by the bankers and tragically this is
what has happened in Ireland.

The role of the Irish Green Party has been appalling but all the main parties have been pro banker.

Ireland needs to learn from Egypt and so do we in Britain.

Also an excellent lesson in how not to do green politics!

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