Do Monkeys Wonder?


I wonder....

Couldn't resist the photo, though.


skidmarx said…
You sometimes wonder
"I sometimes wonder how she would act now and what she would think had she survived that time. She, who was made into a myth, a martyr, by many young left-wingers who never knew her, would have been able to shatter the myths of the Red Army Faction and put an end to the inhuman and hopeless attempt to bomb a new society into existence. Perhaps she would now be a Green MP, perhaps she would be an established journalist and writer. It was not to be."
Astrid Proll on Ulrike Meinhof, The Independent on Sunday Magazine,
19 August 1989
Derek Wall said…
thanks, worth us all wondering about, really ought to blog this up with the music video 'Ulrike M'!

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