4 Jun 2011

Indigenous in the Amazon say vote for Humala, manana!

The Second round of the Presidential election in Peru takes places tomorrow.

The far right candidate whose father is currently in prison for human rights abuse when he was President in the 1990s is likely to win, there has been a huge media blitz funded by those who want to open up the Amazon to gas and oil exploration.

Aidesep the organisation of Peruvian indigenous people in the Amazon are calling on all Peruvians to vote for Ollanta Humala to stop the catastrophe of a Fujimori victory.

Greens are you watching, Amazon, climate change, etc....this is life and death stuff not just for the indigenous but for all of us.

Spread the word, do the solidarity, get involved....saving the environment is all about politics, power, economic change!

This is my translation of the Aidesep statement.

The CDN of Aidesep has today exhorted the people and all Peruvians to vote with hope, without fear, without forgetting, on 5th June voting for a country without discrimination, respecting the rights of indigenous people to free self-determination of their ancestral territories and respecting intenational law with convenion 169 of the ODT and the UN declaration of Indigenous people.

In this context, the polarization of the presidential campaign is depressing where the injury, the lies, the insults are transformed into the main form of media communication, forgetting the suffering of our country in the 1990s during the Fujimara government, the seizure of the main forms of media communication including writing, radio and audiovisual, the forced disappearance of college students, the control of judiciary, the destruction of the constitutional Tribunal, the buying of Congress, the armed forces, etc.

So the (indigenous) people have decided to support the project because Gana Perú as the best replacement option for the country, because they (Humala's Party) supported indigenous peoples during the peaceful protests of 2008 and 2009, where we sought to stop the government of Alan Garcia from meeting his dream of deforesting the Amazon for cash.
The CRC of the view that this project AIDESEP accept ethnic and cultural diversity of the country, solve the problems of collective ownership and respect self-determination of peoples and low these concepts, they decided to endorse a vote for this option (Humala).


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