2 Jun 2011

Meet The Leftwing, Green, Catholic, Gay, Southern Italian Governer Who Brings Hope To The Italian Left

Stephen Wood asked me about the programme of the green left freedom party in Italy, must admit I haven't got there but this piece is very nice.

Build a social infrastructure for left green and promote renewables seems a start to me!

This is a profile of the impressive Nichi Vendola

A former Communist enthusiast, now voted the best-liked Italian politician, this man is full of surprises. Since his election, he has overseen the installation of mass renewables (now powering Italy with 13% of it’s solar and 24% of it’s wind power), and is one of the most social media-savvy politicians I’ve come across. Have a look at his website, or better – his Facebook page (more fans than any other European politician). British progressive elected officials take note.

He has invested much of his time building the radical infrastructure needed to support the future of the Italian left – local associations, youth clubs, single-issue campaign groups, and the hope is that this growth will coincide with a future run for the Italian Presidency in 2013.


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Stephen Wood said...

Am impressed already! He may have another follower to his name. Thanks for replying to my question, Derek!

I'm cheered - for years I've worried about the Italian political scene's dominance by the likes of Berlusconi. So glad to be proved wrong!

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