29 Mar 2010

Greens in by-election battle

Just saw this from Luke, hope you don't mind me open sourcing it.

This week there is an all important by-election in the John O’Gaunt ward in Lancaster. The sitting Labour councillor stood down leaving the ward with one Labour councillor and one Green councillor. If the Greens win the seat they will be the largest party in the Lancaster and Fleetwood constituency in terms of councillor numbers. However, every other party in the city is also going for it. The seat is a new one which is notionally Labour (it is number 114 on the Tories target list) but the Greens would certainly be seen as the main opposition in the event of a convincing win this Thursday in the John O’Gaunt by-election.

Definately one to keep an eye on. It could be an important teller before the General Election.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

Cheers for cross-posting this. It's important that as many of our members know what a terrific achievement it would be for us to take a second seat in the ward.

For any Greens in the North West area who have any spare time on Wednesday or Thursday, I'm sure Lancaster Greens would appreciate any help they could get.

To win a by-election like this so close to a General Election can give us the kind of momentum that money just can't buy.

Cheers again for posting this.

Best wishes,


Luke said...

A former Labour Chairperson has now joined the Lancaster and District Green Party. He's also backing Ian Chamberlain in tomorrow's John O'Gaunt by-election:


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