2 Jul 2006

Dump Blair join the Green Party Green Left

There are I guess over a dozen former Labour councillor in the Green Party some like Terry Turner are active in green left.

'The Green Party is on the left of politics and having had similar experiences of factional infighting with Labour I wouldnt want this Green Left idea to divide us but act as you say as a ginegr group to influence policy.

If we are to achieve what we want to achieve for the people of this country we have to grow and attract people of different social backgrounds. We have to do well in areas with large estates which suffer from high levels of deprivation. We need to be replacing Labour there as the natural party or as I fear the BNP will.

Thats why I was interested in the Green Left as an entity which may help the party as a whole to develop ideas which would facilitate this. Thats the background I originally come from in the inner city having been a Labour Councillor for an inner city ward for ten years in the eighties and nineties.. Some of the community based ideas about grassroots power and a campaign we did to refurbish terraced streets were in essence the policies the GP had. Thats why I am convinced we could succeed in such areas and it would be a missed opportunity if we didnt.

The Green Party convinced me, an ordinary working class bloke with no formal education, and many more like me that it was worth being involved in so how do we convince loads of others'

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